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What is the Value of a Vintage Vanity Mirror?

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What is a vintage vanity mirror? These are essential pieces of your vanity area that not only help to create a certain look of beauty and refinement in your bedroom, but also provide a great deal of usability as well.

High-quality mirrors are one of the most versatile pieces of home decor that you can invest in. Not only do they offer the obvious benefit of aiding in the application of cosmetics and making sure your outfit is flawless, they also provide aesthetic benefits to the room itself.

If you are looking for antique French mirrors and are in the process of enhancing your bedroom in order to reflect a more refined, elegant feel, this short guide will be of great use to you. To be sure, a dreamlike bedroom starts with the right furniture and decor, so it’s worth taking the time to understand the value of these pieces and where you can get them as well.

Creating a French Provincial Atmosphere in Your Bedroom
For decades, the French style has endured, even amid many modern trends when it comes to home styling and decor. The reason for this being is that the Provincial style is not simply about visual value, but intrinsic value.

Many of the furniture pieces from this era were made to last, and feature stunning details that are otherwise impossible to find. There is an energy to French-style furniture pieces that is at once down to earth yet highly refined. When you utilize such pieces of furniture within your own home, it’s easy to create an atmosphere that is not just pleasing to the eye, but inherently luxurious.

From pretty vanity tables to Provincial-style beds, such furniture pieces make it easy to create a bedroom that is aesthetically pleasing and a joy to spend time in. From a usability standpoint, the right antique mirrors can only add to this melange of furniture, as these pieces have quite a few uses, as will be outlined below.

Best Reasons to Own a Vintage Vanity Mirror
Quality mirrors, whether they are oversized wall and floor mirrors or diminutive and delicate vanity mirrors, offer a wide range of uses, more so than you might at first think.

●Mirrors are important tools for self-grooming, dressing, and general styling. You can’t have a vanity area without a high-quality mirror.

●Antique mirrors can help tie together the vintage elements of your room, as these decor pieces often have beautiful details such as elaborate carvings and gilt frames that will help bring out related features in the rest of your furniture.

●Mirrors are also an excellent way to help bedrooms feel larger than they actually are. Angled properly, such as across from a window or light source, mirrors work to create a kind of optical illusion that helps make rooms feel larger and more open.

●At the same time, vintage mirrors also help brighten spaces, as they naturally reflect light. If your room is somewhat dim or lacks great natural light sources, a vintage vanity mirror could certainly be used to enhance the overall atmosphere of the space.

As you can see, these beautiful antiques would make a great addition to your bedroom and vanity area for several reasons. From the raw beauty that they possess, to their inherent usability, it is plain to see why one of these mirrors would be an essential component to a vanity space in your home.

For anyone curious as to where you might find lovely vintage mirrors in the French style, EloquenceⓇ is where you should look. Their selection of mirrors is truly impressive, and along with all of the rest of their luxury furniture and decor, they have all the essentials for putting together a fantastical home.

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