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What to Include in Bridesmaid Gift Bags for a Bachelorette Party

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After all that your bridesmaids did to help prepare for your wedding, you want to show them a little love and gratitude in return. Leading up to the wedding, we have the bachelorette party to signify your last hoorah living the single life, with all of your bridesmaids by your side. This is a great opportunity to give them something as a token of your appreciation. You can pick out some items to include in the bridesmaid gift bags for a bachelorette party, and present them to your loved ones right at the start of the event. The only question that remains is what should be included in bridesmaid gift bags for a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Cups
Bachelorette party cups come in a wide range of shapes and designs so you can pick out the best ones to make your bridesmaids happy. These could be coffee cup tumblers for the coffee fiends in your friend group, or durable water bottles for the fitness fanatics. Of course there are also wine glasses and party cups that are perfect for use during the bachelorette party right away.

Commemorative Tote Bags
Tote bags make a great gift to include in your bridesmaid gift bags, in fact, they are great as the gift bags themselves. These cute, reusable tote bags are perfect for using as the gift bags when choosing your items. They can be used indefinitely after the party and are a great way to use the packaging as a part of your gift to them.

Matching Sunglasses
A fun way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials is to gear everyone up with matching sunglasses that scream bridal party. When you and all of your bridesmaids show up at the party venue with your matching shades, you are making it clear that you are together and proud to call each other friends. These shades do not have to be too outlandish either. You can set your bridesmaids up with sunglasses in cool colors that simply say “bride tribe” along the frames, and that is enough. For the entire bachelorette weekend, you can walk around proudly displaying your sunglasses. It is a smaller touch that really adds to the humor and light-hearted energy of bridesmaid gift bags for a bachelorette party. They are fun little accessories that give off a super relaxed vibe.

Fun Makeup Bags
A cute gift for your bridesmaids would be a makeup bag, themed around the bridal party, of course. It is a really great and considerate gift that can provide your bridesmaids with plenty of use for years to come. It works well as storage for makeup, but can also be used for any number of things that they might find handy. It would make the perfect pouch for toiletries when traveling, conveniently storing all of these smaller necessities in one easy to hold pouch. They also work well for holding onto jewelry if they do not have many pieces or they just want to carry a small stash of them while they travel. However they choose to use their makeup pouches, they will be grateful you thought to include them in your bridesmaid gift bags for a bachelorette party.

Once you have all of the individual components picked out, you will be able to bring it all together to create some beautiful bridesmaid gift bags for a bachelorette party that your bridal party will appreciate. It’s a great way to show your gratitude for them by giving them these gift bags that can be used during or even long after the party. To make things even easier for you creating these bags, you can shop online at and pick up everything you need in one go to make it real.

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