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What Type of Lens Make Up The Most Durable Sunglasses

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Going out for an outdoor adventure? Are you in the market for the most durable sunglasses? Sunglasses, while they protect our eyes from the damaging UV rays, can also make the rest of our rig for a certain activity, look a lot cooler. Especially if you are participating in an outdoor sport like cycling, wearing eyeglasses will not only reduce eye strain in bright condition but it can also protect your eyes from various flying hazards that might compromise your performance. But how do you choose the right sunglasses? Check out different lens materials anyone should look out for when buying their sunglasses.

Glass lenses do not only offer superior optical clarity, they are also the oldest material used in making ophthalmic lenses, offering a clearer version than its plastic counterpart. Although glasses can be made with thinner parts, they are still much heavier than plastic ones and could potentially hurt your nose bridge or just weigh your face down in general. If it hits a hard surface, it has a tendency to break even upon impact even with the recent improvements to make it more shatterproof.

Polyurethane is the ultimate elastomer used in making lenses that can provide superior impact resistance and it is also proven to be the ultimate outdoorsman’s friend. This is due to the fact that polyurethane has supreme tear-resistance and could potentially last many years even after many showers of rain or shine activities. And because it is almost a hard-to-beat type of material, polyurethane lenses can also be pretty expensive for someone looking for affordable and durable sunglasses.

Polycarbonate is widely used for sunglass lenses because of its excellent properties that make it practically unbreakable. Sunglass lenses made with polycarbonate have more impact resistance than any other materials. They are also highly recommended for runners, cyclists, and mountain climbers due to the fact that they are often thinner than any other material made for lenses. Although, they cost more than plastic lenses they are more durable which makes them a good investment you can use for years.

Acrylic is a little heavier than its polycarbonate counterpart. It offers good optical clarity, almost like that of glass material, and has also excellent impact and shock resistance. Best used on certain occasions only, acrylic lenses are also less durable compared to polycarbonate, yet it has been proven as well that acrylic tends to also ensure reliable lens performance.

Where To Buy The Perfect Sunglasses
In general, sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays and other elements that might compromise our vision while doing an activity we love.

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