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What We Love About the XT-22 Rock Island 1911 Pistol

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It might be on the pricier side for a Rock Island 1911 pistol, but we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the XT-22 because it delivers.

This Rock Island 1911-inspired pistol is one for the ages and features a unique design that renders it compatible with both the .45ACP and.22LR cartridges – making it suitable for everything from plinking and high-volume competition to serious self-defense.

Save Your Wrists and Your Wallet
The XT-22 (.22LR/.45ACP model) features a design that accepts two drop-in barrels – one for both cartridges. This makes this one of those versatile multi-caliber handguns that can be used to shoot two different (very different) bullets.

A lot of these dual-guns are styled in the likeness of .410/.22 shotgun/rifle combos for survivalists. Useful for hunting, plinking, and to a certain degree, clay shooting, these long guns are limited in their functionality for self-defense.

The XT-22 Rock Island 1911 pistol is not. With .22LR, it gives shooters the ability to train on lighter-hitting .22 ammo which is a lot easier on the wrists and the wallet than the much harder-hitting Colt Automatic Pistol round.

Even in this era of artificially inflated ammo prices and “shortage,” .22LR remains popular with painters and hunters because of its affordability and versatility.

In a pistol like this, it’s a lot easier to train with the lighter recoil of the .22LR. Plus, it won’t cost as much.

You can practice safe handling and drawing techniques much more easily and affordably on this lighter cartridge, not to mention the fact that if you compete, you’ll save money shooting the lighter rounds.

All the Functionality of the .45 ACP
The great thing about this combo is the fact that you don’t need to turn your back on the .45ACP. As everyone who’s anyone knows, the .45ACP is one of the top cartridges in the industry for stopping power.

Sure, it hits the wrists like a ton of bricks, and it takes a lot of training to get used to, but the .45ACP is a very versatile cartridge that, despite its cost and recoil, really sends a persuasive message downrange.

It can be used for self-defense, competition, and where legal, even for hunting. Plus, this handgun gives you the flexibility to do your training on a lighter, less expensive cartridge, so you get the best of both worlds.

Superior Ergs, Action, and Handling
Now let’s take a break from ballistics and talk about handing and ergonomics. This Rock Island 1911 pistol has it all.

It features checkered rubber grips that offer comfortable handling., a black parkerized finish, and a beavertail grip safety (controls mostly on the left side, making it more suitable for right-handed shooters, but handling is good regardless).

It also features fixed low-profile sights mounted on dovetail cuts in the slide, which you can easily swap out if you so choose. The trigger pull is between 4 to 6 pounds and the whole platform is less than 9” long (8.54”, to be precise) and weighs only 2.5 pounds, offering a balanced weight for superb, smooth handling.

It’s light, comfortable, and handles beautifully. Definitely a 1911-inspired design worth your attention if you’re interested in a new pistol.

Where Can You Find Rock Island 1911 Pistols and Parts?
Looking for a Rock Island 1911 pistol like this one, or parts for an old one? Visit SARCO, Inc., online at SarcoInc.com or get in touch with them by phone at 610-250-3960. Rock Island Armory’s 1911 designs offer much more than just this one pistol, and you can find parts and accessories for many Rock Island 1911s online at SARCO, Inc.

SARCO, Inc., is one of the largest firearms parts suppliers in the world, and they carry parts, build kits, and accessories for an endless range of historically significant arms. If you’re in their area, visit them in their shop at 50 Hilton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania for the full experience.

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