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What You Must Know About Effective SEO

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After the advent of internet, how people make online searches has continuously evolved over the years. Earlier while people inputted one or two keywords into the search bar, now they speak out full questions or queries. To be effective, SEO strategies need to align with the Google’s algorithms which update themselves depending on the search practices. Here we discuss the key elements of effective SEO strategy adopted by the best SEO company in Miami.

Search topics
Search topics refer to the key idea that the customers are interested in knowing, which has relevance to your business. List out the key problems your products or services intend to address for the customers and also compare them with those of your competitors. Research on the search topics you must write about to increase visits to your pages.

Subtopic keywords
Subtopic keywords address a particular question about the topic of the pillar page. So, go forward to create content around these subtopics. Ensure that your content offers a link to your pages in order to drive traffic to your website and enhance conversions.

Pillar pages
Pillar pages are the resource pages that provide a deep coverage of a topic. This one links to the best quality content depending on the supporting subtopic keywords. For the pillar page to be highly effective, it must adopt the best practices in on-page SEO by providing references to the topic in the page title, H1 tag and URL. It is very important to feature the pillar page in the website navigation as it is where you will get the majority of your traffic. Build your core content around the key search topics and the search subtopic keywords. By answering the queries submitted by searchers, you can make sure to rank high for your search topic.

Topic cluster model
A successful SEO strategy must follow the topic cluster model. A topic cluster refers to a group of interlinked web pages that are built around a piece of pillar content that targets a broad topic linked to many related but, narrowly focused pages. It is advisable to choose the core search topics and subtopic keywords for which you want to rank.

Take away
To get the best RPOI on your spending on SEO, it is important that you work with the best SEO company in Miami that has an accomplished track record.

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