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What You Need to Know About RV Leveling

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RV leveling jacks for motorhomes are a must-have. We can’t stress this enough; it’s not a suggestion, but a rule. These tools are not only essential for your comfort but also may prevent damage to your RV and various safety issues from occurring.

By making sure your RV is level, you can potentially extend the life of your RV and save money on repairs. Some of the most important reasons why you should always keep your RV level are listed below.

RV Leveling Jacks vs. Stabilizing Jacks
Let’s first talk about how stabilizing jacks vary from RV leveling jacks. RVs may be leveled and stabilized with the use of leveling jacks, which are often used on RVs that are bigger.

You can get the RV off the ground with their help. After getting your motorhome level with the use of RV leveling jacks, you’ll want to utilize stabilizing jacks to keep them there. Walking around inside your RV is made much more comfortable with the help of both of these important tools.

The Top Motivators for Leveling an RV

If Your RV Has Slide Outs
When the RV is level, slide-outs may be easily opened and closed. If your RV isn’t level, constantly pulling out and pushing back in the slide-outs can cause extra wear and tear, which might lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

Leaving your slide-outs open on an uneven surface for an extended length of time can cause structural damage since the load and stress points are not distributed evenly.

Sleepless Nights
Consider the difficulty of sleeping on a tilted bed, in addition to the daily struggle of keeping your coffee from spilling off your table. It’s tough to get a decent night’s sleep in your RV if it’s not properly aligned.

Sleeping with your head tilted downward all night because one side of your RV was positioned higher than the other might cause considerable discomfort when you wake up. As you can imagine, numerous small problems can arise simply by leaving your RV at a slight uneven angle, which is not what you want to endure on a leisure trip.

Wrong Readings on Tank Sensors
At least three tanks in every recreational vehicle have monitoring devices. When boondocking, it’s very crucial to keep track of your tank levels.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of RV tank sensors is questionable when the vehicle is not level.

Sometimes people overestimate or underestimate their available supply of fresh water. Knowing exactly what’s happening in the tanks is a huge advantage while boondocking, and you’ll have much more precise information if your RV is level.

To Reduce Body and Structure Stress
Door frames, pipes, cabinets, and even the undercarriage might be damaged under the extra strain of an unlevel RV. Inadequate leveling can lead to serious problems and perhaps damage in the long run for a recreational vehicle.

Keeping your RV level ensures that all of the doors and drawers work as they should, that water drains from the pipes as it should, and that the structure isn’t sagging in any one spot.

You may be very eager to unbuckle and set up your trailer the moment you get to your campground, whether because of sleepiness or strain. However, failing to properly level your RV from the start will almost always make matters worse in the long term.

Ready to get on the road? First things first, check that your RV’s leveling jacks are in good working order. If you’re in need of leveling jacks or stabilizing jacks for your RV, go no farther than RVUpgrades.

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