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What You Need to Know About the Puffco Guardian

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There’s concentrate consumption. Then there’s concentrate consumption elevated to an art form, through superior technology.

The fusion of art and science lives in the Puffco Guardian, which delivers next-level temperature control and even concentrate vaporization, no matter how deep your hits.

Here’s what it offers.

The Highest Standard for Concentrate Consumption
The Puffco Guardian is a limited edition Peak Pro, made with a chrome aluminum alloy band, a transparent metallic silicone base, and Art Deco Style glass.

It also incorporates a wide range of technologically advanced features that substantiate its futuristic look. The Puffco Guardian is not just about form, but function.

About the Puffco 3D Chamber
The cornerstone of the Puffco Guardian is Puffco’s 3D Chamber, which represents a breakthrough in concentrate heating technology.

The Puffco 3D Chamber contains a ceramic bowl with heating tracers up along the sides instead of just at the bottom.

These ensure more even heating and complete vaporization of your concentrates – only when inhaling – which improves the consistency of the hit, and kicks the flavor into high gear.

It is a technology the works of which must be experienced to be appreciated.

(And, not only is it a highly efficient bowl, but it is also easy to clean.)

Unparalleled Customization, Real Time Temp Control
The Puffco Guardian offers unparalleled customization through app-enabled control. There is an active heat setting for the bowl temperature, and you can track daily and total dabs.

Real-time temp control guarantees consistency and performance. No matter how much concentrate you load or how hard you hit it, you get a consistent, enjoyable experience packed with flavor.

The Puffco Guardian even lights up. There are several colors and lighting options available, including but not limited to disco, fade, spin, and split settings.

Bluetooth App Capability and Wireless Charging
The Puffco Guardian can be managed via a Bluetooth app and allows users an unparalleled level of control.

Users can set and save custom heat profiles, customize boost modes, and customize and set temperature, time, and LED color.

The Guardian also offers wireless charging functionality via the Peak Pro Power Dock, which enables you to charge your Guardian (and other wireless devices) at home or on the go. It can charge in as little as two hours.

Other Features of the Puffco Guardian
In addition to these listed, the Puffco Guardian also offers:

● An Auto-Sleep function to save battery life.
● A 30-session average battery life.
● Quick heat-up time (30 seconds).
● A live-stat display.
● 4 pre-programmed heat settings.
● Compatibility with multiple accessories.
● And a carrying case.

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