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What’s The Best Way To Smoke?

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More and more states over the U.S. have been legalizing recreational marijuana and with that legalization has come a new crowd of smokers. Any avid smoker will tell you that there are various different ways to smoke and each one may affect you differently. Everyone is different and some people prefer certain smoking methods over others. Let’s go over some of the various different methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Glass Smoking Bowls
These glass smoking bowls, also known as glass hand pipes, are a great smoking option. They are smaller and more convenient to carry around than something bigger like a glass bong. They are also just very quick and simple to use. All you need to do is make sure whatever you’re smoking is ground, add it to the bowl, light it up and enjoy!

Another major advantage of purchasing a high-quality glass bowl is the unique glass options that you have. Glass bowls will often come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. There may be some unique and beautiful color pattern or it could be a specially designed smoking product that represents a piece of pop culture or entertainment. You could get a bowl that represents your favorite tv show, movie, or even video game.

Water Pipes
Water pipes, also known as bongs are another excellent smoking option. Bongs are obviously larger than many of the other common smoking options. This makes it better as a household smoking device than it would be as an on-the-go smoking device. They offer a smoother toke overall, but that smoothness can usually be increased by adding ice as well.

Dab Rigs
A dab rig works very similarly to a water pipe and yet it’s completely different. Using a nail and a banger, a dab rig can vaporize concentrate and essential oils. Obviously, this is the best option for people that are smoking legal concentrate or wax, while a bong would be better for those smoking recreational marijuana.

Blunts & Wraps
If you are looking to roll up and head out of the house then a blunt or a rolling paper may be the best way to go. There are tons of benefits to this. One advantage is the flavor. You can get blunts in virtually any flavor that can make for a more pleasant smoking experience. They’re also inexpensive. You can get rolling papers for as little as $2.50 which is a major bonus.

If you’re looking to buy a glass smoking bowl, a water bong, a dab rig, or blunts and wraps online then look no further than funkypiece.com. They have all of the smoking devices and accessories that you’ll need. They also have a physical shop located right in DC. You can visit their site today to see the vast selection of pipes for sale that they have.

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