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Where to Find Water Pipes in Your Area

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Smoking, a pastime that has been enjoyed for centuries, whether it being tobacco or weed, has grown even more within the past few years. With legislation for many states within the U.S decriminalizing and legalizing weed, the amount of head shops and dispensaries that have been popping up in many major cities is in the thousands.

The way people enjoy their weed is extremely inventive. While smoking weed can be simply enjoyed with some rolling papers or even as outlandish as an apple, people will go to major lengths to smoke their weed in an enjoyable way. Now that weed and other THC products are much more widely available, the lengths that people have to go to in order to find an effective way to smoke are much shorter than previous times.

Whether you prefer to smoke out of the ways listed above, but are looking for something new to try out and expand your horizons, check out any head shops website to see what they have to offer. If you happen to live in the Washington DC area, then you should definitely check out Funky Piece.

Funky Piece is a great place to get started with a new piece to smoke with. If you’re in the DC area, you can even head on over to their retail store and take a look for yourself. For others who don’t live close to that area, that’s no worries at all. Their website, funkypiece.com, is the perfect place to take a look at what’s in their inventory.

On their website, you can check out a plethora of different types of bongs, dab rigs, bowls, pipes, and water pipes. If something catches your eye or piques your interest, their website will have a great amount of information on each product to let you know exactly what each item is and what you are getting yourself into.

For example, if you’ve never used a water pipe, otherwise known as a bong, then the team at Funky Piece can help you find and choose the right one just for you. Since we’re on the topic of bongs and pipes that use water, let’s break down what they can actually do.

What are Water Pipes?
Usually, now more than ever, people are switching up their ways of smoking. This can be for either social reasons or personal reasons. Some methods of smoking give a different effect since using a bong can be very different from smoking out of a bowl or hitting a joint.

Actually, this method of smoking weed and cannabis products has been around for way longer than you may have originally thought. These pipes and bongs are some of the most commonly associated paraphernalia that is associated with smoking. However, if you’ve never tried one, it doesn’t hurt to start.

You can find these bongs and pipes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Especially at Funky Piece, you can find mini bongs, percolator bongs, glass bongs, and even beaker bongs. The options really are endless. No matter what type of bong you choose, they all serve the same purpose.

Each water pipe generally has a chamber attached that can hold the dried flower. When you light the weed with a lighter, it combusts, sending smoke down into the water, and when you inhale, the smoke is passed through the water, cooling it down before you inhale it.

It’s a very interesting system that is also very effective. Check out funkypiece.com to check out all of their bongs and more!

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