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Why a BigCommerce SEO Expert is a Must For Success Online

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Operating an eCommerce business can be complex, involving a massive amount of research, logistics, marketing, and dedication. There’s no quick secret to success in this arena, you have to start with a solid business framework and make sure that you are building out your website properly.

One of these key elements is finding a BigCommerce SEO expert that can build you a powerful marketing framework that can help you rank well in Google. Getting traction in the SERPs is an essential piece of the puzzle for getting your BigCommerce store off the ground.

In this quick guide, you will find important information on partnering with a qualified agency for your eCommerce business that can help push you toward success.

What Does a BigCommerce SEO Expert Do?
If you are new to SEO or working with an agency for marketing purposes, you may not specifically be aware of what they can offer you and your business.

A BigCommerce expert that specializes in SEO will be able to formulate a marketing strategy that is eCommerce focused and that works with your specific platform. Of course, the fundamentals of SEO don’t change from one platform to another, but there are important differences to note. You want the agency you work with to be skilled in BigCommerce so that they can easily navigate around in your store interface, debug any server issues, understand how to change URL structure or implement 301 redirects, and so on.

The benefit of working with a BigCommerce agency for your marketing is that they will be aligned with the potential benefits that the platform offers. So rather than pairing up with any old marketing agency, you want one that understands what eCommerce customers are looking for, how to target them correctly, how to build content that suits their needs, and how to form a strategy that will bring in the most organic clicks and conversions.

A BigCommerce SEO company will be able to help you make the most of the platform, which at the end of the day is exactly what you want out of any marketing agency that you partner with.

An eCommerce SEO Agency That is BigCommerce Elite
It’s not every day that you find a BigCommerce Elite Partner that is also well versed in SEO and other forms of marketing. Genius eCommerce is the agency you need in your corner if you intend on growing your business online, especially if you are on BigCommerce.

They have a professional team of eCommerce SEO experts that are adept at forming winning campaigns no matter what the niche is. From popular clothing stores to obscure industries like vaping and even firearms, they know their way around the market and can form a strategy that puts you on the map. They work closely with BigCommerce to maximize the benefits you get from the platform, and are able to help you debug any issues that may arise as well. They offer comprehensive support on top of digital marketing, which means that you will have all of your bases covered no matter what comes your way.

Don’t you think it’s time to take your marketing seriously? We scoured the web looking for the best SEO agencies that specialize in BigCommerce and it looks like Genius eCommerce is the clear winner here. We recommend getting in touch with their team and exploring the various options they provide when it comes to marketing, especially when it comes to getting found in the search engines. They are magicians at what they do so if you are looking for sustainable long-term growth in the eCommerce space, this is the agency you want working on your BigCommerce SEO.

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