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Why Are Security and Alarm Cables So Important?

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Many appliances in our homes deserve more attention than what they usually get. That is the case of fire alarms, CCTV systems, motion sensors, keypads, and devices that make our homes and businesses safer but stay out of sight and out of mind for most of us. However, these devices are just as important as televisions or refrigerators.

Security cables are the unsung heroes among home appliances – they’re not glamorous, they don’t have a cool display, and you might never see them again after installation. But security cables play an essential role in our lives by ensuring that the various utilities we rely upon are safe and secure.

There are two kinds of security cables: safety cables and security cables. While they both enhance home or office safety, they provide that protection in different ways. Security cables are designed to accurately relay information between control and alarm systems. On the other hand, safety cables ensure that devices do not pose a fire hazard by preventing the transmission of electricity.

Most of the time, security and safety cables are used in tandem. When you wire a home or an office with CCTV cameras, security cables connect the cameras to the monitor. However, safety cables are needed to protect the system against fire hazards. If a cable that does not have the proper insulation is exposed to high heat, it can cause a fire.

The other common application for security and alarm cables is in fire alarms. Most alarm systems rely on several sensors to detect signs of danger from smoke or flames. Sensors are installed in areas where fires frequently occur, such as near a stovetop or a fireplace. They are connected to the main control panel with security cables, but those cables must also be combined with safety cables to prevent electrical hazards.

Safety and security cables use different insulation materials to protect against heat, so they offer very distinct benefits for appliances that face different risks of catching on fire.

Now, there are many options out there when it comes to choosing security and alarm cables. We recommend going with high-quality cables that come in the right variety depending on your needs. For example, you might need riser or plenum-rated cables.

Riser cables are used for vertical runs in a building, such as from a basement to the ground floor of an office. Plenum cables, on the other hand, are designed for horizontal runs through air ducts and plenums that serve as pathways for heating and ventilation equipment.

On top of that, riser cables tend to be more durable because they need to be able to maintain insulation standards in the event of a fire.

Security cables are designed to meet different standards for plenum and riser applications based on their electrical performance capabilities.

We find that Belden security and alarm cables are incredibly reliable and easy to install. They come both in plenum and riser varieties and have features that facilitate their installation, such as ripcords for fast jacket removal, and footage markings to eliminate the need for guesswork. EWCS Wires offers the widest selection of Belden security and alarm cable for all your needs.

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