Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Why Get A Custom Built PC in 2022?

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2022 is here, and with it comes the renewed expectations around technology and how we should prepare for the upcoming challenges the new year will bring us.

We know that outlandish-looking tech is still eons away (metaverse, ubiquitous augmented reality, flying cars), But it does not mean that this year is not going to force us to reconsider our hardware limitations and the need for a new custom built PC that helps us face every challenge they throw at us this year.

For many gamers, it does not take too much to convince them to get a new custom built PC. The thrill of putting together newly acquired components is often enough reason for starting a new project.

But, what about those who still have that decent rig they got 2 years ago? They can surely run the newest games in ultra-settings without a hiccup, right?

However, future games will unquestionably try to leverage the full power of the new Unreal Engine 4, to take graphics to the next level. The engine now allows developers to use film-industry-grade resources, and populate massive environments with a few clicks. This bodes well for open-world games as devs can now focus on the story, and pretty much automate the environment and lighting for entire planets. However, it means that future games will put current technology under strain. Even current generation consoles are having problems handling Unreal Engine 5 features, as we saw during the Matrix Awakens release a few months ago.

But gamers are not the only target audience for PCs. Professionals who use their custom built PC for rendering or processing tasks also stand to benefit from upgrading their custom PCs. The new generation of apps and software will also demand more power from all PCs to remain efficient.

Right now, the prospects of building entire 3D worlds where virtual products are sold and traded using blockchain technology signal a future where those who can mass-produce these elements efficiently are the ones who will get on top of the food chain. However, said elements require immense processing power to produce, hence the current chip shortage.
Upgrading custom built PCs in 2022 is mandatory to keep up with the demands of modern apps and games.

Now, this poses a problem for those who don’t want to spend as much on a new rig or are on a budget. Prebuilt branded PCs often feel like a sensible solution. They often carry powerful chipsets and knowing that you can just plug them and start working or gaming still has its appeal. However, these often result in an underwhelming performance in the long run and present a ton of limitations for those who want to upgrade them later on.

Pre-builts are often custom built off the shelf by someone who does not have your needs in mind. They often come with a custom casing that limits the upgradability of internal components, and hardwired BIOS where you have to take big risks to flash if you need to perform any significant change in hardware. Moreover, they often skimp on power supply units, forcing you to replace the whole thing if you want to add anything to your rig.

This means that custom built PCs remain the option with the most value for money and performance. Fortunately for many, there are many custom PC builders online that provide a decent degree of customization. However, there is only one that offers total control for every component, including overclocking options and chassis custom art. CLX Gaming has proven to be a solid provider for many years, and they even make sure to have a constant supply of the latest graphic cards which puts them above everyone else in my book.

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