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Why Is A Smoke Alarm Important For Your Home

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Smoke alarms are meant to protect your property and loved ones from the dangers of fires and hence are considered essential devices that you can install with the help of a renowned electrician Sydney. Smoke alarms save lives from the catastrophic effects of smoke, fires and other hazardous materials. It is very important to choose the best smoke alarm for your home and get it installed with the help of a professional electrician Sydney who is licensed. Smoke alarms have prevented very expensive fire dangers and are hence an important topic for discussion.

Smoke alarm types

There are two main types of smoke alarms namely photoelectric and ionization. While the former are highly responsive to fires that are slow-smoldering, the latter are more responsive to fires that are fast flaming. To get maximum protection, it is advisable to install both these types of smoke alarms in your home.

How to install and maintain a smoke alarm

During installation, it is necessary to ask the professional to check if the device is working well in order to guarantee your safety. In addition, regular maintenance is highly essential to make sure that they work properly. This will mean testing the alarm at least once in a month and replacing batteries whenever needed. Smoke alarms must be replaced once in every 10 years. 

How to test your smoke alarm

One of the most essential parts of maintaining a smoke alarm is to test it. It is recommended to test a smoke alarm once in a month. For testing your smoke alarm, you just have to push the test button till the alarm sound is heard. If you do not hear the alarm sound, you must either replace the batteries or the alarm itself.

Best advice on installing smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are very important part of your home’s safety infrastructure. They are highly useful in early detection of fire as their warning signal helps you and your family evacuate the building and get professional help. It is very important to choose the right type of smoke alarm to that is best suited to your home to make sure that it works properly. Also, you must take professional help to install them rightly. It is also good to have professionals test it regularly and provide regular maintenance services.

Other important smoke alarm questions answered

For every level of your home it is advised to have a smoke alarm. They must be placed in every bedroom, living room and outside of the sleeping areas.

Smoke alarms can also be interconnected to see that all alarms sound when one alarms starts sounding. Since this can provide an early warning of fire throughout the home, this can be very useful.

A continuously beeping smoke alarm is an indication of low battery and if you notice this, it is time to replace the battery. If the smoke alarms still beeps even after replacing the battery, it is an indication to replace the unit altogether.

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