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Why Must You Add A French Sideboard When Sprucing Up Your Home

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French sideboards have traditionally been associated with dining rooms, but they can actually be used practically anyplace. They’re fantastic since they provide both storage and gallery space of picture frames or assorted knickknacks in a single unit.

They’ve had a shift in responsibilities over the years. When it came to furniture such as bookshelves and dressers, for a while, they were considered out of date.

However, their combination of design and utility – as well as their significantly smaller dimensions, which are more appropriate for modern interiors– has sparked a resurgence in popularity. From ancient times to the present, artwork has portrayed monarchs and aristocracy grazing on meat, bread, and wine from a French sideboard during lavish banquets.

It was the French who first popularized the sideboard as a way to serve casual meals, and the term “credenza” has been used interchangeably since then. As a result of their widespread use in dining rooms in the Victorian era, they were referred to as “buffets”.

To describe a meal served at a side table, the term “buffet” had become commonly accepted by the late 1800s. Sideboards quickly became necessary furniture in French homes when Parisians began imitating Nordic meal traditions such as smörgsbords.

Not Just A Flat Surface With Shelves
This piece of furniture has evolved over time to become a vital part of the dining room for serving, storing, and exhibiting your most precious possessions. Using a combination of open shelves and drawers, as well as a showcase area, will give you the most bang for your buck when space is at a premium.

Additionally, sideboards are aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve ever struggled to find a storage solution that’s both beautiful as well as functional, this is the answer. As a result, they are at ease in diverse settings, from kitchens to “fancier” places like salons and bedrooms.

When it comes to how a sideboard looks and functions in a room, its form is really important! In functional rooms such as kitchens, more robust, more solid designs that sit near to the floor appear more natural; in more refined spaces such as a lounge or bedroom, longer, thinner legs, and longer legs appear more suitable.

French Sideboards That Will Match Your Home
Consider the following: a majestic French-style sideboard with delicate decorations such as highlighted rosettes on the bottom doors and a sculpted foot, among other things. Its Gustavian white finish would serve as a strong focal point in the area, while also paying homage to French design.

You may also want to imagine an antique French country sideboard painted white with a faded patina might be the focal point of a living room with a French country theme. When you go into a space like this, you just want to sit and talk for the rest of the afternoon.

In the meantime, Eloquence®, an e-commerce site that sells antique and modern French furniture, has the same equally beautiful features. A sideboard with fluted side columns, beveled doors, and contoured legs is an example of this style.

There is no need to have it whitewashed because Eloquence® carries a huge selection of gorgeous white-washed French antique furniture. Check out their website so your collection of furniture items will feel complete with the addition of an elegant French-style sideboard.

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