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Why Quorum Cigars Are A Hit in the US?

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Hailed as the best-selling handmade Nicaraguan bundled cigar, manufactured by JC Newman Cigar Company, makers of Diamond Crown, Quorum cigars are the finest hand-rolled quality cigars at such a reasonable price. An ultimate flavor profile with a piquant flavor of aged Nicaraguan filler and superabundant Nicaraguan binder, along with a select sun-grown Ecuadorian wrapper leaf. J.C. Newman’s commitment to quality has been transpired in these smooth, medium-bodied cigars at one’s easy reach for an incredibly affordable price.

Quorum cigars are handmade in a country known for their rich soil producing the world’s full-flavored tobacco—Nicaragua.
Obtained in three varieties, Classic, Shade, and Maduro. These cigars comprise binders and wrappers that make each blend one of a kind.

Cost and Value
Every cigar enthusiast knows this, the value of any cigar does not rely on its price but on the quality of its smoke. Despite its robust and rich flavor, Quorum cigars are surprisingly one of the least expensive cigars on the market with a price attainable between $1-$2 a pop, accessible to even the most discriminating wallets. Now, even with the affordability of these cigars, the J.C. Newman company does not cut back on the materials used in the production process. Rather, to create a rigorously consistent cigar, the company set up uniformity in their materials: binders, wrappers, and mixed filler to even bring the brand distinctively above the rest of the other brands.

Number One Selling Bundle Cigars
All-inclusive, Quorums are great smokes. Besides the fact that they are very affordable, they also come n three very distinct blends. Also, Quorums are beautifully constructed that they are even almost on par with tripa cigars. They come in authentic filler, binders, and quality wrappers that they almost taste like those of premium brands

Quorum Cigar Wrappers
As mentioned earlier, Quorum Cigars come in three blends: the Classic, the Shade, and the Maduro

1.The Classic
The classic wrapper is Ecuadorian sun-grown tobacco. This wrapper is sweet and smooth with a rich cedar flavor. Direct sunlight causes All this direct sunlight makes the plants yield a darker, thicker leaf that tends to bear sumptuous and spicier flavors. Excellent for cigars that have faint filler tobacco, but sometimes over the top for other, striking cigars whose filler tobaccos give an amplitude of their own sumptuous flavors.

2.The Shade
The Shade wrapper promotes an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf. Just like any wrapper tobacco, a shade-grown one has its context and is unique as it is. Quorum cigars are made of medium-bodied Nicaraguan filler tobacco
All of Quorum’s cigars use medium-bodied Nicaraguan filler tobacco, which leaves you guessing between bold and light making you wonder which wrapper is best left exposed.

3.The Maduro
The Maduro means “ripe” or “mature” in Spanish is a sumptuous Sumatra Sungrown wrapper. Ultimate thanks to the sun exposure to ripen the wrapper tobacco, the Maduro radiates a spicy, sweet, and robust taste. It is medium-bodied with a hint of dark chocolate flavor. Coupled with this one-tough Connecticut Broadleaf binder this cigar is a great day-to-day cigar. The painstaking process makes the wrapper highly distinguishing and seriously sought after by many stogie enthusiasts. These Maduro wrappers are dark, sometimes even black often frighten new smokers away, as they thought the cigars will be too bold, heavy, and opulent.

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