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Why Should I Upgrade to a 2 ton AC Package Unit?

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Winter might seem like days ago but don’t forget that summer always comes around every year and sometimes they can be ugly for people who can’t stand the heat. So, before it comes back again, why not fix your house with a 2 ton AC package unit?

You’ll most likely need it anyway. If your old air conditioner takes time to cool a room let alone an entire house, it’s safe to say you probably need an upgrade right away. Air conditioners tend to become obsolete after they reach the 10-year mark, losing their efficiency, needing repairs over time. It’s better to purchase one before the cost of repairs gradually becomes more and more expensive and opt for a package unit already.

In places that experience both cold and warm weather, an air conditioner package unit is the best option to live comfortably all through the year. A 2 ton AC package unit not only keeps your home cool throughout the warmest months of the year, but you’ll also have the option of adding heating strips for the cold weather if necessary but wouldn’t be enough in cold climates.

Why Choose A Package Unit?
The main thing that makes an AC package unit great for your home is the fact that every bit of it is manufactured and put together in a controlled environment. The chances of it having factory defects is close to zero. Its motors and refrigerant are added onset of the assembly, making it work more effectively. Package units are also ultimately great not just for those who are a fan of minimalism but everyone entirely since the heating and cooling unit will be housed in the same location making it easier to maintain while saving valuable spaces.

Energy Efficiency
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the ratio of the cooling output of an AC divided by its Watt-Hours. A higher SEER rating provides greater energy efficiency in certain situations, for example, a 2 ton AC package unit can cool off 901-1200 square feet spaces but beyond that, it will struggle and will eventually break. The efficiency of your package unit may vary on the size of the space it will have to cool off, ductwork, and other factors.

The maximum SEER range from 14 up to 22, however, the efficiency of your AC will still vary based on the space it will cool off. There’s no exact number of SEER for the unit to be called energy efficient. If you have been using an old 9 SEER unit and replace it with a 14 SEER unit, you could considerably reduce your electric bill.

Do you freeze in some rooms while others still feel a bit warm? If so, your air conditioner may need to be replaced and upgraded!

Budget Air Supply, can help you pick the best AC package appropriate for the entirety of your home for optimal comfort.

Check out their website, to discuss the most cost-effective cooling system for your home: 855-473-6484.

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