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Will PC Gaming Computers Become More Accessible In 2022?

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After years of enjoying incredibly low prices on PC gaming computer components, semiconductor shortages put an end to the golden years of processing.

I remember that even while the GPU market was being driven to its limits due to an increase in the demand for crypto mining, finding high-end graphic cards for building your gaming rig was fairly easy and costs were modest. There was even a sense of optimism that allowed people to plan ahead and calculate their next PC gaming computer build with confidence.

Then, a year and a half ago the superconductor shortages, and the supply chain crisis, hit. Regardless of the causes, which are mostly political and outside of the scope of this article, gamers that enjoy playing on both consoles and PC gaming computers have felt the effects of this crisis, and the costs of gaming have increased. Moreover, finding certain components has become an incredibly difficult task.

However, and despite all the gloom and doom predictions made for 2022, things seem to be looking up for industries that depend on chips and superconductors for their products.

GPU stock levels have shown a healthy increase in availability during the past few weeks, and many medium and high-end graphic cards from AMD and Nvidia have begun to get closer to levels we would deem affordable.

There seem to be a couple of factors that are driving this increase in supply.

Covid Restrictions Are Waning
One of the biggest events ever experienced by humanity has been the pandemic of 2021. When the vast majority of people were forced to stay indoors and limit the time they dedicated to outdoor activities, there was a sudden spike in the demand for electronics. Many would like to blame gamers exclusively for this, but the truth is a lot more complex than this, as it usually happens.

Many businesses adopted work-from-home strategies as a way to stay productive and help sustain the economy during that time. This signified an increase in the PCs-per-person ratio as people now needed high-performance computers at home to make a living.

After most families finally furnished their homes with at least one PC, and with the restrictions coming to an end, the artificial demand for PCs started to fade.

Crypto Mining Is Not As Profitable
The worldwide increase in energy prices has made crypto mining a much less attractive endeavor. There is still money to be made with cryptos, of course. However, the necessary investment in terms of energy has significantly driven the demand for graphic cards dedicated to this purpose down.

Other elements will drive prices even further down. A series of US-based projects funded by microprocessor manufacturers make it seem that prices will continue to drop in the upcoming years.

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