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Have a Vintage Fur Coat? Bring it Back to Life with Fur Dye

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If you are someone that is interested in the finer things in life, especially when it comes to fashion, you are sure to have a few fur coats lying around. Perhaps you’ve had these fur coats hanging in your closet for a while now, maybe even collecting some dust. Or maybe you have inherited some old vintage fur coats from a family member that you cherish, but don’t know exactly what to do with.

No matter the case, vintage fur coats are a hot commodity and shouldn’t be thrown away or donated. Usually, fur coats can last for a long, long time if taken care of properly. So, not only are these vintage fur coats just great heirlooms to keep in the family, but they also have so much potential.

Not all fur coats have to be seen as old or outdated. Depending on the fur, they can be spruced up and make the coat feel good as new. You are able to actually dye vintage furs into a new color! This will not only give you a fun new project to do on a rainy day, but it will also vamp up those fur coats that have been sitting in your closet and give them life!

Plus, this technique is also a great option if you were previously in the market for a new fur coat. This way, you can save a lot of money on a new coat and save some space in your closet.

Many fur coats, no matter what type of fur it is, can be professionally dyed if you feel uncomfortable doing so. Professional furriers have the expertise and the right dyes to get you the exact color, hue, and saturation you want.

Sometimes, you grow tired of the color that fur coat in question currently has. That’s totally ok, because fashion is constantly changing and so are your interests! Instead of neglecting the fur coat, giving it a new color is a great way to refine a fur coat that is still in great condition.

Dying your vintage furs is also the most economical thing you can do! This is a form of “recycling” because you’re taking something old or out of style and revamping it to fit your lifestyle without cluttering up your closet further. This way, there won’t be the need to buy a whole new fur coat.

Let’s say that you want to go bold and try an adventurous color that is hard to find in normal fur coat retail stores. Dyeing your vintage fur a fun color is the best way to go about it. Now you can show off a blue fur coat and impress the masses!

If you need some help deciding which color or how to get started, consult with your furrier for their professional advice. Also, if you really just want to purchase a blue fur coat instead of going through the dying process, purchase one from the fur retailers of Maximilian.

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