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How To Style 100% Cotton Hoodies For Women

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Cotton hoodies are a staple in every woman’s closet. You can don a hoodie over a basic tee, fitted jeans, a pair of boots, and you’re set! But the great thing about hoodies is that they are pretty much one the most versatile garment there is. You can mix and match a hoodie with virtually any combination of outfits and you’ll be able to make the best of both worlds—casual and trendy. In this blog, you’ll find just how versatile cotton hoodies women are gushing for really, especially those who love the typical boyish style and yet chic.

Hoodie and Beanie
A lot of celebrities are seen wearing the same combination of a hoodie and a beanie in the streets of Manhattan, especially in spring. It’s the perfect ensemble of just wanting to look laid-back and sporty at the same time. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, and others look really free and vigorous in the most basic way a hoodie is styled and worn. Try on your grey pullover hoodie over a tank top or a basic tee, a pair of capri pants, and slip-on sneakers. Don’t forget your eye-catching beanie to finish the look.

Hoodie and Skirt
As cool as that. These cotton hoodies women love just don’t run out of epic ways to wear. Ariana Grande is the famous trendsetter of this combination. She has also made searches for oversized cotton hoodies go through the roof in 2018. For this combination, you can wear any basic color pullover hoodie without having to wear any shirt underneath it and pair it with a pleated school girl skirt. Finish this extremely cozy and trendy wardrobe with thigh-high heeled boots in the name of the hashtag Ariana Grande Effect.

Hoodie and Scarf
Now, this may be a classic reference but it’s one of the most memorable looks Jenny Humphrey of the popular TV show, Gossip Girl, has worn during her rebel days as Dan Humphrey’s baby sister in the show. She may have worn a grey oversized winter coat at the time but for the sake of our hoodie power, we’d love to steal this look and make the most out of it. For the fabulous Jenny H. effect, wear any bodycon dress, an ace-printed pair of tights for a more interesting effect underneath an oversized grey zipper hoodie. For accessories, don a grey scarf, a grey beanie, and gloves. Go out in a full-on high street fashion look with a large studded black purse and a cuppa in the other hand.

The combination of cotton hoodies women love, together with other outfits is endless! It’s the best garment for when you want to look fashionable and yet still approachable. It’s the clothing young trendsetters love since they can have fun making the most out of it. What used to be an everyday outfit for the working class has come a long way in street fashion, proudly worn by all genders all over the world.

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