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Things to Consider on How Should You Properly Store Your Fur

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Summer is finally here, there’s a wide expanse of chaos held at the beach, the sultry mornings and bright skies make everybody want to enjoy an exceptionally invigorating, ice-cold summer drink. Everything seems so crisp and vibrant with clouds locked to the endless sky. The only thing that’s left to do is to finally keep that fur tucked in peace like an alcoholic beverage in prohibition.

Typically, once spring season starts, your expensive fur coats should be kept away from humidity and cedar closets as they are not basically any furs’ best friend. What everybody must understand is, while your fine fur coat is genuinely timeless and meaningful, without the right knowledge on the importance of proper storage, you will potentially ruin its pristine condition and shorten its life. But if you do it right, and right you must do, you retail its favorable condition and lengthen its years.

Choose the right place to store your fur coat. Fur storage must be cool and dark, the darker the better. This way, any problems such as color change or other major problems like drying out of furs and leather will be avoided. In addition, if you have ample space in your closet for your enormous fur coats, don’t ever place them in the attic. Know that, in the summertime, attics or other spaces like your garage can get really hot and humid. With that said, those conditions can be fatally glum for your fur and can dry off your fur’s natural oils.

While cedar blocks have long been used as a natural repellant for termites, moths, cockroaches and other inhibit insects, they can be quite damaging to your genuine fur. This is because cedar wood is highly acidic and could possibly cause yellow stains on your white fur coats and deteriorate furs. Also, do not expose your furs to mothballs as their pungent smell could stick to the garments and it is going to take a great deal of effort to remove the stench from your fur coats and jackets.

Store your fur coats using the right hangers since they are rather delicate. Ignoring this pro tip will result in your fur coats losing their shape in the shoulders. Fur coats can become quite heavy as compared to other winter coats, so use big and broad-shouldered wood hangers in storing your fur coats to fully support the coat’s weight. Keep your fur coats in the right storage bags. Although a plastic bag is not advisable as it could cut off the air supply and in return, dry out your fur. You don’t want that. Pick a nice breathable garment bag or a cotton cloth bag instead, bags like those allow the fur coats and jackets to breathe. Also, do not overfill your closet. Furs require a little bit of extra room to breathe and away from other fabrics that could potentially damage the fur when rubbed against them.

It’s preferable and so far, the best choice when it comes to proper fur storage—cold storage. Choosing the proper storage is essential for the maximum longevity of your fur coat. If you don’t have enough space in your place or if you have no storage area that is suitable for delicate garments like fur coats and jackets, it’s better to seek professional help. Places like Maximilian offer the best services when it comes to proper fur storage. They don’t back down in giving your precious furs the required special attention they need to make sure that they retain their peak condition.

For your fur storage needs, visit Maximilian or give them a call at 800-TLC-FURS.

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