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Tips for Buying Costume Jewelry Wholesale

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One of the more challenging aspects of selling fashion jewelry and accessories is being able to accurately identify the individual pieces of jewelry or more general designs that your customers want to see. To help you shop for costume jewellery wholesale, we have a few ideas for what you could do to buy jewelry that your customers will enjoy seeing and pick up right away. Keep these thoughts in mind the next time you want to select new inventory.

Follow the Next Trend
Understanding and following the current trends is something that you just cannot avoid entirely when shopping for costume jewellery wholesale. Even if you would prefer sticking to more classic styles like simple bangle bracelets or stud earrings, you still have to consider what the trends are. Regardless of how you feel about the trends, your customers may be highly invested in them and the best way to make them happy and keep them coming back often is to offer them the pieces they want. Just staying aware of the most popular trends can really benefit you greatly when picking out costume jewellery wholesale because you would be shopping with your customer in mind. If your customer wants the newest trends, you can provide that for them. It just takes a little extra patience because you have to do some light research to identify what the trends are. You can find these things out by looking online at social media, popular blogs, and what celebrities are wearing.

Try New Styles
While shopping for costume jewellery wholesale, you might want to consider experimenting with new styles that your store does not normally offer. It could be a good way to gauge what your audience wants and has been missing from your store for all that time. Having different styles of fashion jewelry and accessories gives your customers the ability to inform you what it is they want to see more of. You do not need to completely change your inventory, but just offer some new styles of jewelry that you did not carry before so you can see how people react to these new designs. If they respond well to them, then you know you are free to bring in more of that sort of style. Just a few different pieces could give you new ideas of what your audience wants. Start small with two or three new designs and see how those go before testing new styles and higher inventory quantities.

Create Themes
You might want to try creating some sort of theme to focus on while you are picking out the costume jewelry wholesale you want to buy for your store. This could help you to narrow down your options by focusing on a few trends, colors, or designs so that all of the pieces look good together as a collective group. This will make it much easier to display or promote your products since they are connected by a particular trait, so they will all look good together. This also helps with promoting and marketing your products since they look better together and have a shared theme. People are more drawn in by curated collections and will be more likely to look at all of the individual pieces than if they were all completely distinct and separated.

You can find a diverse selection of costume jewellery wholesale at They not only have styles ranging from simple to extravagant, but they keep their inventory evolving, so they always have the newest styles to help you shop for current trends more easily. Check them out online and see how they can help you apply these tips to choosing your new jewelry for sale.

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