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White Party Attire (And 2 Bodycon Party Dresses You’ll Love!)

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Summer is swiftly approaching, which also means exciting outdoor events and gatherings in the warm weather are on their way, too! These can include barbecues, bonfires, beach parties, pool parties, and, most importantly, white parties!

White parties in particular are coming back– and we are beyond thrilled for them all. If you have just been invited to a white party (whether it be your very first or your hundredth), you are in for a special treat. However, before you attend, you need to be properly prepared for it!

What Is a White Party?
Before we talk about which bodycon party dress is best for a white party, let’s first define what a white party even is. A white party is simply a party where all attendees wear white outfits from head to toe. As a rule of thumb, when attending a white party, think of “white” as the dress code.

However, smaller accessories don’t have to always be completely white. Small-sized accessories, including jewelry, ties, and other smaller accents, can be other colors. This applies to not only the women in attendance but men as well. Men typically wear white suits, but their belts, ties, and other smaller accessories don’t always need to be white.

Ladies, you should ensure your outfits are completely white, whether you be wearing a bodycon party dress, jumpsuit, romper, mini dress, matching set, or otherwise. Bonus points for wearing white shoes!

What to Consider When Buying an Outfit for a White Party
Before you go ahead and just buy literally any white garment, you need to closely consider all factors of the white party that you will be attending in order to meet expectations while still looking fabulous.

For example, what is the venue like? Surely your outfit choice will greatly differ depending on if you’re headed to a ballroom or a friend’s backyard!

Another point to have in mind is the other attendees. If the crowd is relatively elderly and you are in your twenties, you may want to choose something with a bit more coverage to be comfortable. However, if it’s mainly people in their twenties or thirties, you can really have a lot of fun with your outfit choice!

You should also keep the weather and climate in mind. If you’re in the dead of summer in the Florida Keys, you might not want to go for a floor-length, long-sleeved gown!

2 Bodycon Party Dresses That Are Perfect for a White Party!
And now for a little bit of inspiration for you– two bodycon party dresses for a white party! These figure-hugging dresses are favorites among fashionistas everywhere as they perfectly illuminate your unique curves and really make your outfit–and you– stand out in any crowd.

1. White Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

This White Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress from shopUNIQUES.com is a fashion work of art and is perfect for nearly any white party. Knee-length, ruched sides, one long sleeve, and flirty light ruffles throughout. What’s not to love about this bodycon party dress?

2. Snow White Dress

The Snow White Dress is one of the most tantalizing white dresses you could go for to really look your best! Mini-length with an off-shoulder neckline and a ubiquitous glitter pattern. Enchanting all those around you will really be a cinch in this dress.

Wearing a curve-accentuating bodycon party dress to your next white party is a truly excellent idea that you and all those in attendance will love! Be sure to shop from only the best, though, and that is without a doubt shopUNIQUES.com! They have an impressive collection of bodycon dresses and an abundance of other party dresses for you to discover!

Don’t forget to follow them on all their social networks for the latest in fashion: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr!

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