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3 Easy Ways to Use Chocolate Cream Pie Filling

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As you work to gather all of the supplies and ingredients you need to keep your shelves stocked, you realize that many of the ingredients you rely on the most across your recipes are the multi-use ones. These are the ingredients that have more than one purpose and can be used in completely different dishes. For many bakeries, it could be a huge advantage to use ingredients like this to make preparing orders easier. A single ingredient can take you so far and in so many directions that it only makes sense to stock up on a large amount of it at once and use it for lots of different recipes. Even an ingredient like pie filling has so much potential, despite largely being thought of as a single purpose product. Let’s look at chocolate cream pie filling for a moment and list out a few recipes that can be made easily with this ingredient, besides pie of course.

Donut Filling
With a light and fluffy donut recipe and a piping bag full of chocolate cream pie filling, you can easily create a delicious chocolate donut your customers will love. You can either inject the filling straight into the hollow of the donut or pipe the filling right on top so you can see the chocolate right away. Chocolate cream pie filling is smooth and creamy enough to be malleable and do what you want with it, though you can always loosen it up with a little bit of milk or heavy cream. Drizzle some ganache on top and you have a chocolate lover’s dream.

Chocolate Tarts
Similar to pies, but not quite the same, we have small tarts that can be made using your chocolate cream pie filling. These are fairly simple to make, consisting mainly of the tart shell and the filling. Tart shells are easy to prepare with only a few ingredients standard to bakeries like flour and sugar, but you can also get premade tart shells if you feel more confident with that. Just add your chocolate cream pie filling to the shells, bake, and you have some delicious little treats that are just a bit bigger than bite-sized.

Parfait Cups
A parfait is a great way to show off a combination of lightweight creamy ingredients like chocolate cream pie filling. It is such an easy recipe to pull together once you have all the ingredients you need to create each layer. Just add the right amount of each ingredient to create the layers in a pattern and you have a delicious parfait with depth in flavor. Add some chocolate crumbles to provide texture and crunch to each spoonful.

Now that you’ve seen just a few different things that you can do with chocolate cream pie filling besides the traditional fresh baked pie, you might have a better idea of what we were trying to emphasize. With the right ingredients on board like various flavors of pie filling, you can create a wide range of baked goods that are as easy to make as they are delicious. You can shop online for bulk orders of pie filling and similar ingredients at wholesale bakery suppliers like They not only have options for chocolate cream pie filling, but other flavors like bavarian cream, cream cheese, and all the fruit pie fillings you could dream of.

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