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Before You Buy Golf Shafts Online, Know These 3 Things

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Buying golf shafts online, like buying anything online, entails a bit of a gamble. Unless you know exactly what you’re buying, you won’t know exactly what you’re getting.

And golf club shafts, like clothing, can either fit – or not. So to maximize satisfaction and ensure optimal performance from your gear, it’s important to know the following three things, which will help ensure you’re not frustrated by unpredictable shot dispersion and lagging range.

Your Measurements
Your measurements are the easiest and most straightforward thing you need to know about yourself before you buy golf club shafts online.

It is true that buying a slightly longer shaft (keyword: slightly) can help improve club head speed, buying shafts that are mismatched in length and are either too long or too short, will adversely affect your form and performance.

So, work with a golf club fitter to have your measurements taken. You only need to do it once and you will need to know them every time you buy a new golf shaft, for the rest of your life.

Your Swing Speed and Tempo
How fast you swing the club, and how you swing it fast (what your cadence and rhythm are, we call this tempo) will drastically impact how your gear will respond.

Players with faster swing speeds, above 90 MPH will prefer stiffer shafts. Players with slower swing speeds, below 75 MPH or so, will generally benefit more from more flexible shafts.

That said, most golfers probably have a swing speed of around 80 to 90 MPH. You just need to know yours.

Which Driver Head You’ll Be Pairing with the Shafts
Last but not least you need to be cognizant of the size and weight of the driver head (or iron or hybrid) you plan on pairing with the shaft, as height weight, and dimensions can vastly impact your swing, given a specific golf shaft.

Buy Golf Shafts Online, the Right Way
There is most certainly a right way and a wrong way to buy golf shafts online. If you do buy online and you don’t know anything about these three factors, at best, you’ll be throwing darts at the board.

If you do know your metrics, swing speed and tempo, and which driver head you’ll be using, at the bare minimum you’ll be setting yourself up for success because you’ll more or less know what you’ll be getting.

Working with a professional golf club fitter can help ensure that you choose golf shafts that work well for you, regardless of whether you buy the golf clubs and shafts from the company that provided the fitting services or not.

In addition, if you’re looking to buy golf shafts online, there are some retailers that offer greater variety, prices, and services than others.

Visit Dallas Golf Company at They carry the hottest clubs, shafts, and golf equipment in the game and their service is unparalleled.

They even offer an online shaft fitting tool and trade-in services. Visit their website via the link above or take a trip to their retail shop in Dallas, Texas, to get the full experience.

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