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Looking for the Best Driver Shafts? Weigh These 5 Factors

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So you’re looking for the best driver shafts? We have good news and bad news. Bad news first – there’s no single, “magic” best driver shaft out there. Everyone has their own needs in golf equipment. Just like one jacket won’t fit two different people similarly, one driver shaft might be ideal for one player and poorly suited to another.

If you’re looking for the best driver shafts, consider these 5 factors – and it helps if you know your measurements and swing speed before you start looking!

Length and Weight
Length is one of the most important qualifiers for golf shaft. If a driver shaft is not properly sized for your measurements swinging it will be a course in frustration.

A golf shaft that is too long for you will likely result in fat shots a significant portion of the time, causing you to bite into the turf and badly impacting your swing. Conversely, if a driver shaft is too short it can cause a variety of other shot errors, including thin shots or clean misses. It’s imperative that a golf shaft is well suited to your particular dimensions.

Shaft weight is not as important as some golfers think, but it will impact ball flight all the same. Generally speaking, a heavier shaft will load more slowly and will result in lower ball flight, whereas a lighter shaft will result in higher ball flight.

More important than shaft weight is shaft flex, which is one of the most important features of a golf shaft.

Shaft Flex
Shaft flex probably impacts your golf swing more than all of the other factors here combined. While stiffer golf shafts are sometimes preferred by experienced golfers and those with higher swing speeds, they can be frustrating and unaccommodating for less experienced golfers, as well as for all players with slow swing speeds.

Generally speaking, the more flexible a golf shaft is, the better it will load with energy through slower swing speeds, enabling players to reach higher clubhead speeds. This equates to increased range and better accuracy, as well.

If you’ve been practicing with a driver, and you feel that your range and accuracy are limited, check the shaft flex before you blame the club head.

Torque and Kick Point
In addition to shaft flex, there are two other factors that will impact your swing and therefore golf ball flight: torque and kick point.

Torque is a measurement of how much the shaft will “twist” around the central axis that runs through the shaft. Higher torque ratings can result in an open clubface at contact, causing slices, fades, and other errors. Therefore, stiff shafts generally pair better with lower torque ratings and higher swing speeds.

The kick point is a measurement of how “high” on the shaft it seems as though it bends. High kick points generally result in low, straight trajectories, whereas lower kick points result in more spin and a loftier shot trajectory.

Consult the Pros
These are the main factors that impact the performance of the best driver shafts – but don’t feel like you need to investigate them all on your own. You can enlist the help of professionals for an interview as well as for club fitting services.

Get in touch with the customer service department at Dallas Golf Company or visit their website at There, you can use their online golf shaft fitting tool (if you know your measurements and swing speed) or you can visit them in Dallas to take advantage of their professional club fitting services. Check out their website today or contact them at 800-955-9550 to learn more!

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