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What Airsoft Gun Parts Provide the Best Upgrades?

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Airsoft players can customize their airsoft guns with some personal, colorful touches and skins before they bring them on the airsoft field, but if you’re looking for airsoft gun parts to make practical upgrades to your arsenal, here’s what you should be looking for.

1. Triggers
A mushy trigger is a sin and neither worth playing, practicing, or plinking with. There are plenty of quality trigger upgrades you can tack onto your airsoft gun that will make them more reliable and more predictable. Plus, some of them are machined from colorful aluminum and valuable for more than just performance.

2. Motors
Changing out your stock AEG motor for a higher-torque model with stronger magnets can make the airsoft gun faster, more powerful, more reliable, and more efficient. The beautiful thing about performance motors (such as those with neodymium magnets) is that they enhance the performance of AEGs and produce less heat in the process.

3. Rails and Handguards
Many airsoft guns can be customized with the addition of a rail adapter or a new handguard with additional space for mounting attachments. Not every model is compatible with any airsoft gun though, so do your shopping carefully.

4. Stocks and Grips
Do you wish your AEG sporter had a pistol grip? Perhaps the length of pull on your airsoft rifle or shotgun cannot be adjusted just so that it matches your particular dimension. Not to worry, you may be able to swap them out with stocks and grips that fit you better.

5. Barrels
Many stock barrels are made from lighter materials from aluminum. Though aluminum is light and strong, it is not as tough as steel. Upgrading to a tight-bore steel barrel will improve the performance of your airsoft gun, absorb some vibrations, and may boost accuracy as well. They’ll also last longer since steel is harder and more durable than softer, lighter metals.

6. Hop Ups
Your hop-up system can extend the effective range of your airsoft gun, but it may also be able to improve its accuracy as well. Many airsoft guns already come with adjustable hop-up systems, but if not, the upgrade may be well worth the boost in performance that it provides.

7. Springs
Are you looking to add some additional muzzle velocity to your spring-powered airsoft gun? Perhaps instead you’re interested in replacing some internal springs that have worn out over time, deadening the performance of your airsoft gun and slowing it down? Either way, it can be fairly simple and straightforward to replace springs, as well as cost-effective.

A metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor, also known as a MOSFET, is a unit that can be added to some airsoft guns. It leads energy from the battery directly to the motor and circumvents any mechanical contact with the trigger.

The purpose of a MOSFET is twofold. On one hand, it makes the airsoft gun both faster and more powerful, and on the other, it helps to protect sensitive electrical components from burning out. If your airsoft gun can accept one, it may be able to help you give a jump to speed and power while extending the serviceable life of the platform.

To learn more about any of these airsoft gun parts, or to see what options are available for your specific builds, visit MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com. Their prices are excellent, you’re covered by a price match guarantee, and all orders get flat rate shipping.

Additionally, if you have questions about what parts you can use with your airsoft guns, or have questions about how to make the upgrades, give their customer service team a call at 800-581-6620. Let them know what kind of upgrade you want to perform and they’ll assist.

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