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What to Wear to an Adult Softball Practice or Game

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Playing a sport is an undeniably fun experience to participate in. You build camaraderie with peers and teammates, get excellent physical exercise, and even get to vastly improve your mental health, too!

What is not fun, however, is wearing improper clothes, gear, and footwear when playing a sport. Not only will you be extremely uncomfortable but you could even be putting yourself in harm’s way! Can you imagine the detrimental effects of playing football without a helmet or shoulder pads, for example?

That is an extreme example, but you get the idea. One such sport that certainly requires the right equipment but also ideal garments for efficient–and safe–play is softball.

And, yes, that includes children as well as adults. For those adult softball players out there, you need to be precautionary with the garments you choose to wear while playing your favorite sport. This will allow you to be safe but also look good, too! Let’s “dive” into some key things to wear when playing adult softball.

Softball Shorts
One of the most classic pieces of softball attire is softball shorts. These are especially ideal in warmer weather as they provide a high amount of breathability and airflow while keeping you cool and comfortable.

On top of that, many softball shorts have fantastic flexibility, since they are made of stretchy material. They also typically have moisture-absorbing material and even a drawstring to allow for optimal fit and overall comfort.

Softball Pants for Extra Protection (from Dirt and the Cold)
Softball pants are also an excellent choice for softball attire, especially for those days where it’s colder (fall ball anyone?). Softball pants provide more warmth for your legs and overall body but they also provide more protection from the hard ground, dirt, and even mud when you’re diving/sliding. They also act as a barrier between players and other players (especially their sharp cleats!).

Softball Sliders Under Short or Pants
However, regardless of if you wear softball shorts or pants, you should be mindful of wearing softball sliders. These go beneath your shorts or pants and afford you extra protection on your hips and thighs from the ground when sliding. They typically fit you quite snug like a pair of spandex shorts, but not in an uncomfortable manner. Plus, they keep your trunk warmer if it’s cold outside!

Tall Socks
When playing any league of softball–even Little League!– you should certainly wear long socks. Wearing long socks is typically a rule of thumb for most softball and baseball players. This is because it is a classic “fashion statement,” but they play a large practical role as well.

Long baseball/softball socks typically reach to the bottom of your knees, keeping your calves warm and safer from the elements, rocks, dirt, and gravel.

Another point that’s worth noting is that, if you’re wearing long socks with long pants, be sure to wear your tall socks beneath your pants.

A Baseball Cap and/or Sunglasses
Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing a pair of sunglasses and/or a baseball cap. You’ll both protect your eyes from sun damage and also greatly diminish the number of errors you make from having the sun in your eyes!

Cleats, Please!
When you’re playing softball outdoors, wear cleats. Don’t even think about wearing your old gym sneakers. By wearing cleats, they provide you with the best possible traction on the ground, as they are made for deeply penetrating even hard dirt.

Where to Get the Best Softball Apparel
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