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Why Are the Majority of Senior Shaft Golf Clubs So Flexible?

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Basically, all modern driver shafts are made from advanced carbon fiber and graphite composites instead of steel. While some iron shafts are still made from steel, such as those produced by True Temper, almost all driver shafts are made of graphite.

The reasons for this basically all come down to one basic fact: carbon fiber can be engineered to deliver a wide range of different attributes that make it suitable for use for an equally wide range of different golfers based on their skill sets.

Take senior golfers, for example. Many older players play with senior shaft golf clubs because stiffer shafts don’t match their abilities as closely – and these are the reasons why.

Swing Speed and Distance
Many younger players spend a lot of time at the driving range trying to give a boost to their swing speeds. Some of them succeed, and higher swing speeds typically correspond to a greater range on the course.

However, as you age, your swing speed will naturally begin to slow down, even if you keep fastidiously training. If you started with a slower than average swing speed, that’s not the best news for distance.

Therefore, most senior shaft golf clubs are more flexible than regular and tour spec extra stiff golf clubs.

The reason for this is that more flexible golf shafts can store more energy in the shaft, unleashing it at the point of impact. Think of a golf shaft sort of as a spring that stores extra power, even with slower swing speeds.

Older players with slower swing speeds benefit from this because it gives them an edge in terms of distance. Stiffer golf shafts wouldn’t store energy as effectively – whereas more flexible golf shafts compound their abilities.

In a word, more flexible senior golf shafts with lower kick points and higher torque ratings help players hit the ball farther, with less effort.

Swing Speed and Accuracy
Shot dispersion, which is closely tied to accuracy, is another concern for players with slower swing speeds, especially if their shafts are too stiff.

The thing about extra stiff golf shafts is that, despite the fact that they are highly consistent and precision-engineered, they are very unforgiving (as a general rule).

More flexible golf shafts, like senior shaft golf clubs, are considerably more forgiving than clubs with stiffer shafts. This gives players with slower swing speeds a bit of leeway in terms of wrangling shot dispersion.

For the majority of senior players – and others with slower swing speeds – more flexible shafts are less frustrating for play and practice because they help control shot dispersion.

Minor inconsistencies and variations in swing speed, tempo, and form are exaggerated by stiffer shafts. These factors compound on themselves and can frustrate accuracy by shifting ball flight, especially at greater ranges.

Therefore, most senior players and others with slower swing speeds prefer shafts that are less stiff, and thereby more forgiving, allowing for marginally better shot dispersion, especially over greater distances.

A Wide Range of Senior Shaft Golf Clubs at Great Prices
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In addition to their collection of senior golf shafts, Dallas Golf Company also sells ladies’ flex golf shafts as well as amateur golf shafts. They also carry higher-stiffness graphite shafts and steel shafts from some of the best names in the industry including but not limited to Aldila, Fujikura, MCA, Grafalloy, True Temper, and countless others.

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