Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Cassock robes

What to Consider When Purchasing Cassock Robes and How to Care For Them

The robes worn by clergy are an important aspect of their ceremonial wardrobe. Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick up your robes in...

The Rise of Women in Spiritual Leadership

Women clergy have been a major topic of discussion in the Christian world recently. As women take on more leadership roles, denominations around the...

3 Men’s Clergy Jackets You Need in Your Wardrobe

Being a member of the clergy is a role that is meaningful, powerful, and necessary. Your parishioners come to you for guidance and absolution,...

Cassock Robes: Once the Everyday Dress of the Ordained, Now a Staple Clerical Garment

It’s not particularly common to see a priest or other member of the clergy out and about while wearing a cassock, despite the fact...

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