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4 Economical Kitchen Cabinet Choices For Kitchen Remodeling

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A successful kitchen remodeling must closely follow your objectives to give the best results. Kitchen cabinets are the most important component of a kitchen remodeling project. Here are the most popular kitchen cabinet remodeling approaches to choose during your kitchen remodeling Leander project.

Cabinet refacing

This is the most cost effective option for updating your kitchen cabinet since it costs only half of a brand new cabinet. However, for this option to work, it is necessary that your kitchen cabinet boxes are intact and good in shape. This is also possible only if you wish to retain the existing layout of your kitchen. In a cabinet refacing, the doors, drawer fronts, and end panels are changed and updated to the latest styles and designs. This process takes shorter time to install than other types of new installations.

Painting cabinets

This is one of the most popular option resorted to by homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen cabinets to wear new looks under a tight budget. You may want to update the conventional wood grain looks of the cabinets to a flat color according to the contemporary trends. Sometimes, this option might not satisfy your expectations. This process applies new paint to the cabinets while retaining its style and layout. One downside to this is having to compromise with the damages and the possibility of the paint chipping away. 

Installing new stock cabinets

Replacement cabinets come in all price ranges today. Ordering for finished stock kitchen cabinets is a popular option you can try if you want to save money. The challenge you will face in this approach is the need to take accurate measurements including the specifications of the hinges and hardware that will go with the new installation. 

As you can hope to make a considerable saving with this option, you can hope to invest the saved money on buying some custom solutions like under cabinet wine cooler or some robust new appliances. You must make sure during the start of the project if any changes to cabinet sizes and built-in cavities are needed.

Replacement of cabinet doors alone

Your online search for kitchen cabinet doors will give you a long list of results. However, these results might not be suitable to your situation. Using an online source to purchase a kitchen cabinet made in the factory will leave you with the same old cabinet finish and color. If you feel the options are limited in front of you, you can choose to paint the cabinet boxes.

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