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How to Choose Your Metal Bender Tool

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When selecting the products that you come to rely on for your livelihood, you have to be careful to make the right decisions so that you are getting quality tools and for a great value. Not every business can afford to purchase tools and equipment casually, without putting them to good use. So let’s try to get this right the first time and lay out what we need before we make any purchase. As you are gearing up to purchase a metal bender tool for your line of work, you will want to consider a few key factors first.

Portability & Storage
The size and weight of the tool you choose greatly affects your work with it. They alter the way that you have to store, carry, and treat your tool consistently. If you are used to working in more confined spaces or want to be able to carry your metal bender tools freely on a job site, you will want a smaller, handheld tool like a metal roll bender rather than a larger, clunky sheet metal brake. Handheld tools are easier to store and carry wherever you are.

Typical Purpose
You have to think about what exactly you need your tools for, so you can choose ones that fill that role perfectly. Tools all have their own specialties so it makes a huge difference which ones you choose. Hand seamers and pliers for example, are good for making smaller bends and doing more precise work like bending edges of metal. Roller benders are good for making larger bends on various types of sheet metal. Identify what you need and which tools best suit that purpose.

Frequency of Use
Finally, you need to consider how often you plan to use your new metal benders. If this is a type of tool you expect to work with regularly, then it will make sense for you to justify a more expensive purchase or the purchase of more than one tool if you have distinct needs. If you plan on using these tools only on occasion, you will still want to look for quality to perform well and last years, but you may want to invest on one tool that will give you lots of use. A metal roller bender is a very flexible tool that can cover a wide range of needs, so that might be a good choice as a single investment piece.

Consider this a helpful reminder of things that you want to consider before purchasing any kind of metal bender tool. Now that you have these factors in mind, you can make it clear to yourself what it is that you are actually interested in and looking for. There are many different types of benders out there, so knowing what your needs are can help to drastically cut down and focus your options to ones that have potential. Of course you may also find that you will benefit from having more than one type of metal bender for different purposes based on what you do. You just need a good place to look that will provide you with plenty of high-quality options in many different styles. You should start with stortz.com and see all of the various metal bender tools they have in stock. They are known for selling high-quality tools that hold up to serious use, so you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth when you shop from them.

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