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6 Compelling Reasons to Buy LED Fog Lights

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Have you ever wanted to outfit your truck or Jeep with new fog lights, but you just didn’t want to get into the trouble of making extensive alterations to your vehicle? Perhaps the prospect of doing complex wiring or heavily modding your car, truck or Jeep was not appealing to you. You wouldn’t be alone in that; you can buy LED fog lights, but that doesn’t mean the project or upgrade will be easy.

Even with that being said, not all LED fog lights are created equal. Some LEDs are notoriously difficult to incorporate into an upgrade, but when you take advantage of user-friendly options like the SS3 LED Fog Lights and kits available at Diode Dynamics, you won’t need to make changes to your vehicle and you can enjoy some of the following benefits.

1. Energy efficiency: LEDs have become more prevalent in other domestic settings, like homes and businesses, because of the simple reason that they are enormously energy efficient. The fact that they are so energy efficient is beneficial to vehicle owners as well. For one thing, they will draw less power per unit time from your vehicle’s electrical system. For another, they will offer the following benefit.

2. Longer lifespan: For those of you that are used to halogen bulbs and HID lights, you’re probably used to lightbulb lifespans of around 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Incandescent lights don’t even last that long. LED fog light bulbs will last significantly longer, in the tens of thousands of hours. Buy LED fog lights today, and there’s a decent chance they’ll actually outlive the vehicle.

3. Better light output and optical focus: While LED lights are not inherently brighter than other forms of lighting like halogen fog lights or HID lamps, the LEDs produced by Diode Dynamics are made with TIR Technology, which directs and focuses all of the light output exactly where you need it, with little loss to scattering or glare.

4. Resistance to the elements, better reliability: Diode Dynamics’ LED lights are impressively tough. They’re tested for functionality and reliability through a range of extreme temperatures and are resistant to moisture, corrosion and even vibration.

5. Ease of mounting and installation: There are two more great things about the fog lights and kits available at Diode Dynamics that you need to know. One is that the lits themselves are plug and play and come with the wiring harnesses you need to hook them up. The other is that Diode Dynamics makes mounting kits and hardware specifically designed according to vehicle models that mount to factory mounting points. No modifications required!

6. Cost savings: Take all of the above considerations into account and you have a solution for automotive lighting that is not only engineered for performance but will likely save you money. Diode Dynamics LED fog light kits are easy to mount and require no complex rewiring, saving time and money. They easily mount to the front of your vehicle (or elsewhere) provided you have selected the right hardware or kit. They’re brighter, better focused, last longer, and even are resistant to a wide range of adverse weather conditions. The bottom line is money, and when you buy LED fog lights like these, you’ll save some.

Diode Dynamics’ LED fog lights are available in a variety of beam patterns and in both pure white color and a deep, pure yellow. They’re designed and tested in the United States to an exacting range of standards so that they can reliably deliver you the performance and benefits outlined here.

To learn more about their unique LED fog lights, kits and other automotive LED lighting (including accent lighting) visit their website, or contact them directly at 314-205-3033.

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