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Borst Automotive Is the Tire Shop in Tucson, AZ You’ll Be Glad You Found

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People tend to develop strong attachments and personal feelings for their cars. After all, you spend a lot of money on their upkeep and a lot of people spend a lot of time in their cars, commuting to and from work and driving from place to place. You also put your safety in the reliability and performance of your vehicle, every time you hit the road.

Given this, it’s not natural that people cling to reliable mechanics with almost superstitious vigor. There’s something that can be said about the value of a reliable, trustworthy mechanic that can’t quite be quantified – and if it can at all, it can’t be done easily. There are some subjective qualities to the nature of a trustworthy auto repair specialist.

If you happen to be looking for a new tire shop in Tucson, AZ, or just a new tire shop in general, Borst Automotive is the team you’ll be glad you found. It’s never too late to start enjoying quality work and building a relationship with a team of trustworthy mechanics who deliver their work with pride.

Borst Automotive maintains four locations in Arizona – in Tucson, Mesa, and Phoenix – and has been in business since 1968. That’s over 60 years of steadfast customer service and a long-standing dedication to quality, and as you can see, it wasn’t built overnight.

Their team is made up entirely of A.S.E. certified technicians that pool many collective years of experience servicing all manner of vehicles, including diesel vehicles. That means Borst Automotive isn’t just a tire shop in Tucson, AZ. They provide bumper-to-bumper services. Whether you literally need an entirely new engine or you just want your HVAC issues diagnosed, they can handle it for you with ease.

Borst Automotive is also a team you can trust. Delivering quality work is only one part of the bargain. You need to trust that the work being performed is or will be performed faithfully and as expressed. Moreover, you need to believe that it will address the issue you’ve experienced with your car.

For some car owners, that isn’t so easy. Everyone has varying technical expertise and when a mechanic rattles off a list of issues and the point that will solve them, it can be hard to follow. Not everyone has that same frame of reference, and so the value of clear communication is just as important as trust.

You can rely on the team of specialists at Borst Automotive to clearly and plainly explain what work you need to have performed, why, and what it means for the health of your car. You can also trust that they will meticulously answer any questions you have and clearly address your concerns. Ask it – they’ll make it easier to understand.

That puts everyone on the same page, which is important when you’re looking to build a relationship with a new team of mechanics. You might be able to perform a pressure check on your own, but for a whole new tire installation, you might need some options explained to you.

You care about your car and Borst Automotive only needs a chance to show you that they will, too. Whether you’re looking for a tire shop in Tucson or need full, bumper-to-bumper services, they’re your team. Visit to see a list of locations that you can contact individually, or get on the phone with their Tucson location at 520-428-2222. Let them know what services you need and of course, ask any questions and they’ll be quick to help.

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