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Choosing an Emissions Testing Near Me

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Owning a car means that there is always going to be inevitable and necessary repairs to be done. Routine maintenance is also extremely important when it comes to owning and operating a vehicle. At the time of needed maintenance, it may seem inconvenient or not the right time.

However, routine maintenance is the number one priority when it comes to keeping your vehicle in check. By failing to maintain your car, you could risk further damaging your vehicle, calling for more major issues down the road.

Sure, we are all used to getting our oil changed, going for our yearly inspections, or getting the occasional engine check. Nowadays, many cars are expected to get a regular emissions test to fully pass the yearly inspection. This test might now seem necessary, but it very much is.

But what is an emissions test, and why do many cars need to get this done at their local automotive repair shop?

What is an Emission Test?
An emissions test determines the overall air pollutants that are emitted from the exhaust pipe in your vehicle. The very first emissions test was conducted in the mid-1960s. Since forth, many states have enacted this as a mandatory test for many vehicles.

As of today, only 32 states require vehicles to received some sort of emission inspection. There are a few factors that come into play as to why a certain vehicle may need an emissions test. Some factors include:

● Age of vehicle

● Fuel type

● Reason for use (taxis, etc.)

● Location (certain states require in cities)

● Vehicle type and weight

You might be wondering what an emissions test does, and it’s pretty simple. It can vary from state to state but commonly, these tests look for levels of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and emissions from evaporation.

Emissions tests, although usually necessary, come at a small cost. Depending on the autobody shop, it can cost you from $15-$25.

Emission testing is necessary because it helps regulate the number of harmful emissions and pollutants that may be coming from your vehicle and going into the air. If your vehicle happens to fail an emissions test, there are necessary repairs to be done to your car, which can be done at Borst Automotive.

Where to Go with a Failed Emissions Test
If you live in the state of Arizona and need emissions repairs, consider checking out Borst Automotive. With three locations in Tucson, Mesa, and Pheonix, Borst Automotive is the best and most reliable shop to take your car to.

With trusted and experienced technicians, you can feel confident that your vehicle will be in good hands. If you’re unsure where to find your local Borst Automotive, search up “emissions inspection near me,” and you will find your local Borst Automotive shop, where they can perform maintenance on a car with a failed emissions test.

Check out their website at to learn more about the services they offer.

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