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Get New Aux Jeep Lights, Skip the Heavy Mods

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If there’s one thing deterring the lot of proud Jeep owners from tricking out their rides with fancy new aux lights, it’s probably the fact that many of the mount kits intended to be used with them require pretty extensive cutting, drilling, manipulating, or heavy modifications to the body of the Jeep. In some instances, aux lights even require a totally custom job.

That’s a shame, since Jeeps were made to go where many other vehicles can’t. Getting out there, on the trail (or even off the trail) is a lot easier with the help of auxiliary equipment and lighting, like ditch lights, aux light bars, upgraded running or fog lights, and other such upgrades.

Of course, there are the Jeep owners among them that stay on the pavement, but with such a slick ride, the temptation is always there to up the bar with some sleek, striking auxiliary or accent lighting. The same problems remain, though; in many cases, upgrading a Jeep with new Jeep lights, accent or otherwise, requires more or less extensive labor and modification.

That’s not something you’ll need to account for any longer, however; provided only that you shop with the right producer. Now, with the right resources, lighting, mount kits and information, you can add the aux Jeep lights that you’ve always wanted, all without making heavy mods or alterations to your wheels.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in mounting an auxiliary light bar to the top of your hood; these come in particularly useful as off-road lighting when you’re negotiating rough terrain at night, but they’re also great as on-site work lights and for other general lighting applications. Diode Dynamics, at, produces light bars and mount kits that are specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle. They even have a vehicle finder tool on their website to make it easier for you to find a match.

Continuing with this hypothetical situation, let’s say that you own a 2019 Jeep Wrangler. Their light kit was CAD designed for perfect fitment on this model. It mounts to factory mounting points and even includes all the hardware that you’ll need to complete the project. The mount kit is even designed to cut back on wind-whistling and other unsavory auditory phenomena.

It’s the same with the other mount kits that you can find on their website; they’re designed specifically for compatibility with given models of vehicles, and there are plenty to choose from. Do you want ditch lights instead? Diode Dynamics produces hood mounts for these as well, also precisely designed to mount to factory mounting points with no modification required.

Even if you only want the lights themselves, like tail lights or side marker lamps, many of the LED light bulbs you’ll find at Diode Dynamics, from their LED fog lights to their LED light bars, are plug and play solutions that don’t require any odd wiring or modification. You can plug many of them right into the old socket and they’ll work just as intended; only they’ll be brighter and last longer.

Want to see more of the Jeep lights and lighting accessories Diode Dynamics produces specifically for your vehicle? Just visit their website at or get in touch with them at 314-205-3033 today.

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