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How to Install a Rear Facing Jeep Wrangler Light Bar (2018 Jeep JL Wrangler)

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Jeep Wrangler light bars, like the Stage Series 3 light bars available at Diode Dynamics, are not just great for forward facing auxiliary lighting. As they are available in a wide range of beam patterns, such as driving light patterns and flood patterns, they have more than one viable application. The flood pattern, for example, throws an 80wx50h even spread of light, which is ideal for use as a worklight or a flood light.

Since Diode Dynamics also produces vehicle specific mounts for their light bars, many of which require no cutting, drilling or permanent modifications, adding a work light or a flood light to the rear of your Jeep Wrangler has never been easier. Here’s how you do it.

This installation covers how to mount a Jeep Wrangler light bar to the rear of a 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL hardtop. Installation is remarkably easy and can be done at home. To begin, open up the hatch and locate the four 10mm bolts that secure the hatch at the joint. You can use a socket, a wrench or a drill with the proper attachment in order to remove them – but make sure to remove only one side at a time to prevent stressing the glass.

Next you’ll need to mount the brackets that come with the hardtop mounting kit. Slide the included light bar bracket over the factory mounting bracket so that the pre-drilled holes align, and then you can reinstall the 10mm bolts you removed previously.

Repeat the same steps on the other side of the hatch, in the same order, to complete the installation of the mounting brackets that come with this Jeep Wrangler light bar kit. With the brackets mounted you can close the hatch and mount the light bar itself.

The light bar kit comes with two 10mm bolts, one of which you will secure to either side of the bar to secure it to the frame of the mounting brackets. When you install the bolts, thread them through only finger tight so that you can make adjustments to the light bar later, before you tighten them down with a wrench, socket or drill.

With the light bar secured, open the hatch and run the wire attached to the light bar through the glass where it can be attached to the included harness extension wire that comes with the kit. There is a channel along that hatch bracket that will enable you to seat the wire so that the hatch can be closed. Then, the wire can be run along the weather strip so that it can be protected from the elements and will not interfere with the hatch itself.

Plug it into the included harness extension wire, then connect the other end of the hardness extension wire into the power supply at the front of the vehicle. Then you can run the wiring harness between the battery and the front fender and down the frame of the Jeep. At the back, route the wire behind the rear fender liner, over the rear shackle, up through the rear bumper and into the cargo area. Once your light bar is connected to the wiring harness, installation will be complete.

These Jeep Wrangler Light Bars will enable you to enjoy a significant boost in rear facing light output, whether you intend to use it for driving off road, driving in reverse, or just as an auxiliary work light whenever your vehicle is on a job site. To learn more about their LED light bars, light bar mounts, or other LED vehicle lighting solutions, visit their website, Diode or contact them for assistance. They can be reached at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected].

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