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In Search of an Easier Ditch Light Installation for Your Ford Ranger?

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The Ford Ranger is an endearingly popular truck with many fans. They hold their value well, are built tough, and are renowned for their reliability, even when they get old. A well-maintained Tacoma is a great investment, especially for those of you that like to get off the road.

Speaking of that, there are endless customizations and modifications you can make to your Ranger in order to make it better equipped to handle the trials you throw its way. If you are in the habit of going off right, auxiliary lighting is a must. Bright, dependable, functionality auxiliary lighting, that is, and preferably lighting that is not expensive or difficult to work into the design.

Those of you looking to add ditch lights to your Ford Ranger will be pleased to learn that you can do so affordably and easily, without making any permanent modifications to your truck, using the Stage Series 3 (SS3) or SSC2 Light Pods and associated Ditch Light Kit specifically designed for Ford Rangers. Available at, these kits (and others like them) will change the way you think about adding accent and auxiliary lighting to your vehicles.

The mounting hardware that comes with these kits are designed for bolt-on fitment to the factory mounting points on Ford Rangers (in this specific instance, for 2019-2021 Ford Rangers), and are made of out thick gauge stainless steel for durability and longevity. Their unique design eliminates the need to perform cutting, drilling or permanent modifications to your truck. You can effectively mount them or remove them at will.

They’re CAD designed for perfect fitment and made with a low profile design so as to minimize glare and not to interfere with opening or closing the hood. That only addresses the light mounting hardware for these LED ditch lights. The performance of the LED light pods themselves is also commendable.

Both the SS3 and SSC2 LED pods that are compatible with these ditch mounts are engineered for performance and available in both driving and flood beam patterns and in two different intensities for optimal effect. They’re also designed using Diode Dynamics’ TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Technology that optimizes light output. It directs and focuses all of the light where you need it, minimizes glare and scattering.

The light pods themselves are also engineered to remain operable under a wide range of demanding conditions, including but not limited to extremes of temperature and resistance to corrosion, moisture and vibration.

In addition, these kits include the wiring harness necessary (in addition to the mount brackets and hardware) to complete the light wiring installation so your light pods are ready to serve as ditch lights the moment you get them mounted and wired. Considering their ease of installation, configuration and wiring, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t add ditch lights to your Ford Ranger years ago.

There’s more good news; this is only one example of the quality and innovation available at Diode Dynamics. Specializing in high-performance vehicle lighting, particularly automotive LED lighting technology, Diode Dynamics also provides ditch light brackets, light bars, accent lighting and kits for other cars and trucks, including but not limited to Toyota Tacomas, Jeep Rangers, GMC Sierras and Ford F-Series Pickups. Visit their website, or call them at 314-205-3033 to learn more about their revolutionary lighting technology and products.

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