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The First-Timer’s Guide to E-Cigarettes

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What is an E-Cigarette?
Electronic cigarettes, also known as an e-cig or a vape, produce an aerosol by heating a special liquid that usually contains nicotine, artificial flavoring, and other chemicals. Many people who regularly smoke cigarettes find it easier to quit by replacing tobacco cigarettes with an e-cig. They are able to ween themselves off of nicotine slowly by using the e-cig while quitting traditional cigarettes entirely. E-cigarettes can be a helpful tool to quit nicotine and tobacco entirely.

Different types
Although almost all e-cigs work similarly in practice, they are not all made the same. There are many different types of vapes on the market. Some work on a pod system, others work with refillable e-liquid, and some are completely disposable. Make sure when deciding on an electronic cigarette, that you pick one that will work with your lifestyle best.

Rechargeable Pod System
One of the most common types of vapes on the market is a rechargeable pod system vape. “Pods”, little plastic containers filled with e-liquid, are placed into the vape device and used until the pod is empty of juice. Once the pod is empty, replace the pod with another. With this vape, you must charge the device when the battery runs out. Many people enjoy this system because the juice is already measured out for them and it is very convenient.

Rechargeable E-Liquid System
Similar to the vape above, this type of vape must be recharged when the device’s battery runs out however, this vape does not use pods with e-juice already filled. This vape has a liquid cartridge that the user must fill up themselves. Many people enjoy this type of vape because you can buy an entire bottle of e-liquid in bulk and fill it up at your convenience, rather than continuously purchasing pods. Typically, this type of vape will cost you less in the long run because you can purchase a larger amount of juice to refill your vape than the pods can hold for a similar amount of money.

Disposable E-Cig
The last type of e-cig is a disposable e-cigerette. Disposable vapes are similar to the aforementioned vapes however, this vape does not need to be recharged or its juice replenished. Disposable e-cigs are the easiest vapes to use because they require no maintenance, just use until the juice is empty and the battery dies, and then dispose of the entire vape! Disposable e-cigarettes can last anywhere between 400-600 puffs, which is equivalent to about 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

All e-cigarettes and vapes can come in a variety of flavors. Finding a flavor that you enjoy and will continue to use is key. Whether you like raspberry, lemonade, vanilla, or even traditional tobacco flavor, finding what will fit you is what’s important. Purchasing a variety pack of pods/fillable juice/disposables flavors at first might help you find the flavor perfect for you.

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