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Used Cars in Washington: A Buyer Friendly Guide

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So you’re thinking about shopping around for used cars in Washington state. Maybe you need a new ride yourself or you’re trying to devise a cost-effective way to get a “new” set of wheels for your kid, who’s only just now coming of driving age.

Whatever the case may be for you, you should always do your homework before working with any used car dealership. There’s always a little bit of risk involved in buying a used car, but when you work with a reputable dealership, you can help turn the process back in your favor. This short guide should help point you in the right direction.

1. Start with the car (or class of cars) that interests you
While the other bits of advice in this short guide is helpful, this is probably the most important prerequisite. Start by determining the type of car, or the class of vehicle, that is interesting to you. It will hardly matter whatever else a dealership can offer you if they can’t sell you the type of vehicle that appeals to you.

This is important to keep in mind because some dealerships specialize in a single manufacturer, or in Jeeps, or in trucks in general. The latter dealer wouldn’t be much help to you if your heart was set on a coupe!

2. Read up on reviews, and check out websites that rate dealerships
Once you’ve narrowed down your candidate pool to a few different dealerships that sell used cars in Washington, read up on reviews and customer testimonials. Check out a dealership’s GMB listing and see what the customer reviews are like. You can also see how active the dealership’s customer service team is at responding to customer feedback.

You can also check out websites that are devoted to rating and reviewing dealers, like DealerRater, Edmunds, J.D. Power, and even Yelp.

3. Choose a dealership that offers flexible financing
You’ll also want to make sure that the dealership you work with offers flexible financing options. Unless you plan to buy your next used car in cash, flexible financing can make all the difference between driving off the lot in the car you wanted and going home empty-handed to hammer out more details.

4. Get involved with their sales staff and experience the process for yourself
You just can’t overestimate the value of dependable, insightful customer service. Get on the phone with the top few dealerships that have caught your attention, let them know what you’re looking for, and see how eager they are to find you a great deal that meets your needs.

5. Consider the other value adds that the dealership offers
Finally, you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that some dealerships offer additional value-added services or benefits, like included warranties or service centers in your area that you can visit when your vehicle ends up needing routine maintenance or repairs.

Here’s a tip and a place for you to start if you’re looking for used cars in Washington. For over a decade, Legend Auto Sales, in Burien, has been a preeminent provider of used cars for sale around Seattle, Washington.

With hundreds of different cars, Jeeps, and trucks in stock at any given time, Legend Auto Sales offer the selection and service its customers need. They also offer top-flight customer service, a variety of financing plans, and more. Their vehicles are even provided warranty coverage and they operate a service shop for the benefit of their customers.

Visit their website, LegendAutoSales.com today or get in touch with them by phone at 206-502-2821 to learn more about how they can help you get in touch with your next ride. Whether you’re looking for a reliable old truck with operable climate control or a nearly-new luxury sedan with leather seats, satellite radio, alloy wheels, and heated seats, they can help you out. Call them to learn more about what’s available or to schedule a test drive today.

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