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Wind-Whistling in a Jeep LED Light Bar? Not Anymore!

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To anyone who keeps up with advances in automotive light technology, like LED auxiliary lighting, it should come as no surprise that Diode Dynamics has cornered the market with their superior LED lighting technology. Products like their Stage Series 3 LED Light Bars have redefined what was previously seen as quality in automotive lighting.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from 6 to 50 inches, their Stage Series LED Light Bars are built to perform. They’re easy to install, created with a slim profile for compatibility with a wide range of spaces, and housed in a durable, powder coated aluminum extrusion to better stand up to the elements. Their LEDs themselves are also resistant to moisture intrusion, vibration and corrosion and are tested for operability throughout a range of extreme temperatures.

As for the performance of the lighting itself, their Stage Series 3 Light Bars are available in several functional patterns, including a 20Wx8H driving beam pattern, an 80Wx50H flood pattern that is ideal for wide area illumination, and even a combo beam pattern. Their LED light bars also utilize what Diode Dynamics called TIR, or total internal reflection optics. These proprietary optics focus 100% of the light output where you need it, resulting in a sharper, better focused beam of light that looks brighter.

What’s amazing is that Diode Dynamics doesn’t just provide the lighting itself. They also provide vehicle specific mounting kits and brackets for these Stage Series Light Bars, including multiple options for mounting them to a variety of models of Jeeps. That brings up another issue – the problem of wind whistling.

When you take your off-road vehicle through the trail and back to the pavement, you might have noticed this in the past. Once you cross a certain speed threshold, that light bar mounting kit will wake up like a chorus. At a certain speed, some light bar mounts will whistle or howl to beat the band, literally. This is a problem that some manufacturers have not foreseen because the interactions with this type of hardware and fluid dynamics can be, at best, complex to address.

Not for Diode Dynamics. Their vehicle specific light bar kits are CAD designed for OEM-style look and direct fitment to the vehicles for which they are designed. They’re also designed to mount to existing mounting points, freeing vehicle owners from the need to make extensive or permanent modifications to their vehicles. But that’s only a part of the picture.

Their light bar mounting kits, including their kits for Jeeps, have been extensively tested to ensure that they minimize auditory feedback from the wind. That is, they will neither moan, hiss, whistle or whine when affixed and adjusted properly. If you’ve ever had a problem with wind whistling from a Jeep LED light bar, the solution has arrived.

Their kits come with everything you need to complete the installation, including hardware and mounting brackets, and there is a wealth of resources on their website and on their YouTube channel by which you can learn more.

Take an online trip to DiodeDynamics.com to learn more about the options at your disposal for adding off-road lighting to your Jeep. On their website, you’ll find not just the kits themselves for also a wealth of super bright, high-quality LED work lights, replacement bulbs, auxiliary driving lights and more, including those with spot beam and flood combos and much more.

Their customer service also leaves little to be desired. Whether you have a question about mounting their kits to your vehicle or what parts or tools you need to use, you can give them a call and they will help you out. Contact them at 314-205-3033 or send them a message at [email protected] for more information.

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