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A Few Things You Should Know About Micro Conversion Kits

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Ever heard of Micro Conversion Kits, from Command Arms Accessories (CAA)?

These are lightweight chassis for popular handguns that effectively convert them into carbines.

CAA makes MCK models for Glock, S&W, Sig Sauer, CZ, Taurus, and Springfield handguns. They are easy to use and offer a surprising number of benefits – covered here.

They Improve Stability and Handling
Drop your handgun into a micro conversion kit and it will convert your pistol into a carbine-like platform with a stock.

The added weight, surface area, and stock of the model will vastly improve handling and stability.

This will slash felt recoil, control muzzle jump, improve handling, and for most shooters, enhance accuracy well out past 100 yards – in some instances out to 200.

They Have Multiple Attachment Points
Another great thing about micro conversion kits (also known as MCKs) is that they have multiple attachment points. This makes them great for expanding with shooting accessories like optics and lasers.

Most have a Pic rail over the receiver, and many are compatible with rail adapters that can be mounted to them as well.

There Are MCK Accessories Specifically Designed for Them
One of the great things about MCKs is that, rail or no rail, they are compatible with a wide range of MCK accessories that are specifically designed for them.

There are mag extensions, thumb rests, charging handles, barrel extensions, rail adapters, slings, mounts, lights, lasers, glass breakers, red dot sights, and much more – all purposely designed for MCKs.

They Are Easy to Use and Require No Modifications
Possibly the greatest thing about micro conversion kits is that they require absolutely no modifications whatsoever to the handgun.

You can literally just drop the handgun in and close the latch that secures it. They are designed for a tight fit with compatible models and no other adjustments are necessary.

They May Cause Slight Wear to the Pistol
One thing to note is that, since these platforms are designed for a tight fit with compatible pistols, they may cause slight wear to them, so be cautious if you are particularly about your gun’s finish.

If You Remove the Pistol from the MCK, You Will Need to Re-Zero It
While the MCK requires no modifications to the handgun, if you remove it and re-install it, you will need to re-zero the gun.

Don’t expect it to hold zero after removing it; you’ll need to adjust your sights or your optics if you have them mounted.

Where Can You Get a Micro Conversion Kit Online?
Looking for a micro conversion kit, or for micro conversion kit accessories to customize the platform you build?

Check out MCS Gearup online via the previous link. They carry a wide range of micro conversion kits as well as MCK accessories.

In addition, they carry a wide range of gun parts and shooting accessories. Take a look through their catalog, get a new MCK, and see what sort of difference it can make in terms of handling and accuracy.

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