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Choosing Which Innersense Shampoo Is Right For You

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Innersense Organic Beauty was created with the idea that everyone should be able to use a single line of hair care products, regardless of their hair type or sensitivities. It began after the founders Greg and Joanne Starkman discovered that their daughter was born with a genetic disorder that made her skin more sensitive to certain ingredients.

With years of experience in the hair care and beauty industry, the two set out to formulate gentle and effective hair products that would not only perform in the hair as intended, but be safe enough to use for the whole family. Many have since eagerly sought out Innersense products to provide them with safe hair products free of toxins or harsh chemicals. For many, it all begins with the shampoo. They need to know which shampoo they can use to start their wash days off on the right foot. We have a few options for Innersense shampoo products, so you will definitely be able to find something that targets your needs especially.

Let’s take a look at each Innersense shampoo that is available right now and see what each one has to offer. From there you should be able to identify your perfect shampoo from the line.

Normal to Dry Hair
Most people do not have too many specific demands from their shampoo in general, but still want something that will cleanse the hair fully and leave behind some moisture and shine. For these folks, the Pure Harmony Hairbath is a great option to have on standby. It is a gentle shampoo that balances and cleanses the hair without overstripping. Shea butter and coconut oil give your hair an extra touch of moisture before conditioning.

Tired, Dry Hair
For those dealing with extra dry hair, especially in the winter season, the Hydrating Cream Hairbath is likely the best choice for you. This Innersense shampoo is formulated to cleanse the hair and scalp while also adding an extra boost of moisture through a blend of plant-based oils and extracts. It gives hydration and reduces frizziness with ingredients like aloe vera, avocado oil, shea butter, and tamanu oil. This shampoo along with the matching conditioner can help revive your hair and keep it hydrated any time of year.

Color Treated Hair
Those with chemically processed, color-treated hair have more particular needs since their hair is more delicate after various treatments. Thankfully, Innersense Organic considered those with color-treated hair and made the Color Awakening Hairbath to provide them with something that could soak deeply into the strands and provide them with more hydration and nutrition. Pumpkin and cranberry seed oil, among other natural ingredients give your hair a healthy dose of moisture and shine so it looks and feels better. When used regularly, you can feel more confident that your hair can stay in good condition despite being chemically processed.

Finally, finding gentle hair care products that actually work can be simple. You don’t have to settle for overly stripping shampoos that are loaded with sulfates, or gentle shampoos that fail at removing product buildup from the strands and scalp. You can get everything you need in a shampoo with your choice of the Innersense Organic lineup. Each of their hairbaths is formulated to provide an effective, thorough wash for anyone, and can target certain concerns you might have. This brief breakdown should give you a better idea of which Innersense shampoo is right for you. To learn more about each one and read their ingredient lists, you can head over to beauty-heroes.com and shop the collection. Healthy, happy hair is just a few clicks away, so don’t miss out.

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