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How Lady Suite Provides Healthy Intimate Skincare

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If you’ve been considering intimate skincare as an addition to your personal care ritual, we’d love to introduce you to Lady Suite. This woman-founded brand has crafted affordable, clean and effective intimate skincare products that help you feel your best. Their suite of products is ideal for helping women and people with vaginas handle issues like razor bumps, skin dryness, ingrown hairs, and pH balance. Lady Suite currently has three products that can support your intimate skincare routine.

Truly Good For You Ingredients
Founder Therese Clark has a passion for womxn’s health and ingredients to support that, so she makes sure that each and every ingredient meets their own (and the Beauty Heroes’) ingredient standards, dermatologist-tested to ensure quality. They do not want to provide anything less than perfect for your intimate areas, so each of the ingredients is carefully selected to offer performance and results without compromise.

Lady Suite’s top-selling Rejuvenating Botanical Oil features nourishing certified organic oils of meadowfoam, tamanu, sesame, evening primrose and cedarwood, to name a few. With a very subtle blend of aromatics, this oil smells beautiful but contains no fragrance whatsoever, just pure organic botanicals.

Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser features a microbiome balancing blend of aloe, chamomile, cucumber, rosehip and eucalyptus, with super safe, mild surfactants that gently cleanse the vulva.

The latest addition to the Lady Suite Collection, Glow Refiner, contains ingredients like beta-glucans, caffeine, niacinamide, aloe, white willow bark, hyaluronic acid and vanilla. The ingredients are formulated to help address skin refinement on the skin on the body, but definitely good enough to use on the face.

Gentle Enough for Delicate Needs
With such a strong emphasis on carefully selected ingredients, Lady Suite provides products that are effective enough to experience results, but gentle enough to make it a pleasant experience for your delicate intimate areas. There is no room for errors when it comes to your intimate areas, so Lady Suite ensures that each of their products fills a need and delivers. While we don’t think that women should feel the need to add products to their routine that they don’t need or want, we find that Lady Suite can help us address common concerns with products trusted enough to be included in Beauty Heroes’ curation of healthy beauty products. Skincare is for our whole bodies, and whether you take a minimalist approach, or enjoy indulging in products that make you feel your best, we want to make sure you are covered.

Confidence in a Bottle
As Therese, Founder of Lady Suite says “sometimes you just want to take the day off down there.” It is amazing the difference that a little time for self-care can make in lifting your mood and increasing confidence. One thing that Lady Suite products do so well is to remind you to take time for intimate self-care. If keeping a small, curated collection of personal skincare products can help you feel better overall, then it certainly sounds well worth it.

If you have any questions about Lady Suite intimate skincare products, feel free to visit Beauty Heroes and reach out to their team at [email protected]. They will be glad to answer any questions you might have and even make recommendations.

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