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Simplify & Reimagine Your Life With Ursa Major Skincare

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Out of a desire for simplicity and a call to be closer to nature, Oliver and Emily decided to pack up their things and head north. They wanted to slow things down in their lives and feel closer to nature where they could be more grounded and learn how to appreciate everything in their lives better. It turned out to be an amazing decision that helped them to reflect and really consider what is important to them. As they settled into this calm life surrounded by plant life in Vermont, they began to reconsider many of the things they had grown used to in their city lifestyle. They became more interested in living a healthier life and began making changes to create the life they wanted for themselves. A large part of this journey was replacing all of their older skin and body products with ones that were safer and gentler on skin, which was not always so easy to find. Eventually, in their desire to create the sorts of products they wanted to see in the world, they founded the brand Ursa Major Skincare. This allowed them to have control over what went into their body care products and to share that lifestyle with others. Now anyone can enjoy a simpler, cleaner life with Ursa Major Skincare.

Only the Essentials
In order to emphasize and truly live this life of simplicity, Oliver and Emily focused on creating a very core line of products. They wanted to create the basics that everyone needs and uses on a daily or near daily basis, but do it their way with better ingredients. They started off with the most important products you could want like the Citrus Riot Body Wash, Stellar Shave Cream, and Fantastic Face Wash to name a few. Ursa Major Skincare is about supporting a cleaner lifestyle, not a trend, so you can pick up all of the main products you need from them to ensure that you can find healthy, safe options, even if the stores where you live have very few options. You can find everything you need with Ursa Major Skincare and in clean formulas you can trust.

Made for Everyone
Another note about the brand that we love is its focus on creating high-quality products that are genuinely meant to work for everyone. The gentle, plant-based ingredients are well suited for people with acne prone or sensitive skin to use often without any signs of irritation or redness. They also encourage anyone to try their products, regardless of gender since good personal care is universal and genderless. Everyone can and should take care of their body and use products that are healthy, safe, and effective. We can see this message even come down to the packaging of Ursa Major products, which have simple, unisex designs that do not learn one way or another. They simply want people to have great products made from natural ingredients that will help them to feel their best.

One of the best things that Ursa Major Skincare has done for us, is remind us to stay focused on what really matters. We need to take care of ourselves and our bodies as best we can, and natural skincare products with clean formulas are the best way to go about that. It is one step in achieving a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes genuine wellbeing over passing trends and gimmicks. Ursa Major offers you the real thing with their clean, simplified bath and body products. You can find them online at and shop to create your own minimalistic skin and body care products.

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