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The Cleanest Online Beauty Store

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When it comes to skin care, trust is the most valuable asset to have. From a consumer standpoint, the skin care process typically involves researching, investing, and utilizing certain products with the hope that those products will perform as claimed on the bottle.

Skincare is a very popular industry with a large volume of products being pumped into retail and online stores every year, featuring new and seemingly better ingredients. These products promise to reduce the signs of aging and minimize skin texture and pores, along with other benefits.

For consumers, it can be a tough scene to navigate. Who are the best brands to trust and what products and ingredients can be vetted to work with their skin? Stepping into a huge retail store, with aisles filled with brightly colored and eye-catching packaging can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the world of skin care.

However, it’s not impossible to find the right skincare products with the right ingredients for you. At Beauty Heroes, their ultimate goal is to remain transparent with the products they promote, keeping true to their promise of ingredient integrity.

The Beauty Heroes Ingredient Standard

The products you’ll find at Beauty Heroes are hand-picked to meet the highest ingredient standards in the industry. The team at Beauty Heroes thoroughly understands the immense responsibility it requires to ensure the highest quality ingredients are in the products they choose to sell. Every single product listed on their website is carefully screened so that only products using ethically-sourced and biodegradable ingredients that are mostly organic, biodynamic, or wild-harvested. They choose to support companies that share Beauty Heroes’ ethical and sustainable values to remain healthy for the body and healthy for our planet.

Beauty Heroes believes that consumers deserve better than what mainstream skin care brands have been offering. To combat the common facades that many popular skin care brands enjoy marketing towards their consumers, Beauty Heroes strives for the highest standards possible with a strict vetting process.

These skincare detectives carefully examine each product’s ingredient list and masterfully search for ingredients banned in the US, EU, Japan, and Canada. To fully ensure the products at Beauty Heroes make the cut, they also look out for other potentially harmful ingredients that could compromise your health and the health of the planet. Here is the list of ingredients Beauty Heroes particularly looks out for and why they decide to prove these ingredients as unacceptable.

Parabens – Although this ingredient is not banned in the countries listed above, it is still a low-grade preservative system that is unnecessary and fails to provide any protection to the skin.

● Synthetic Fragrances – This ingredient shows potential harm to human health and carries known carcinogenic chemicals.

Ethoxylated Ingredients – These ingredients are at risk to be contaminated with a known carcinogen.

Non-Cruelty-Free Ingredients – A natural skin care brand should never have any animal-tested ingredients, but to be sure, the team double checks each product and ingredient to ensure they were never tested on animals.

Non-Biodegradable Ingredients – To maintain the integrity of our ingredient standard, we don’t allow any petroleum-based ingredients or silicones to prevent further pollution of our water systems.

Oxybenzone and Octinoxate – These two ingredients are commonly associated with and found in sunscreens but are currently in the process of being banned due to their negative effects on oceanic ecosystems and coral reefs.

Due to their diligent and meticulous ingredient vetting process, you can rely on Beauty Heroes and the products they stock in their online and Northern California stores. By prioritizing eco-friendly, healthy, sustainable, and ethical ingredients in the brands they support, Beauty Heroes prioritizes the health and wellness of their customers.

Check out their wide range of healthy, luxurious, and ethical products at beauty-heroes.com.

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