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10 Great Options for a Small Gerber Knife

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Looking for a new small Gerber knife that’s light and easy to carry around? Check out some of these top ten favorites, which are small, lightweight, tough, and practical. We even threw in a few fixed blades for fixed fanatics!

Folding Favorites
Let’s start with folders, which reign supreme for most folks’ EDC needs. Any of these would be a fine addition to any collection of small Gerber knives.

1. Gerber Pocket Square
The Gerber pocket square is not simply small but handsome. Available with either demure black GFN scales or handsome matte aluminum scales, this is the small Gerber knife to make a part of your formal wear.

2. Gerber Paraframe
Light, small, skeletonized, and available with either a full straight or a partially serrated edge, the Paraframe and the Paraframe Mini Stainless are highly utilitarian, compact knives that will excel for most EDC chores, from food prep to opening packages that come in the mail; they even feature a frame lock for extra security.

3. Gerber Fastball
The Gerber Fastball, with its Wharncliffe style, CPM-S30V blade, and handsome aluminum scales, is both tough and handsome. Its super steel is extremely tough and affords amazing edge retention, while its bombproof scales round things out – plus, it has a flipper mechanism that makes deployment lightning fast.

4. Gerber LST
This tiny lock back weighs only 1.2 ounces, and it’s a classic that’s stood the test of time. It’s very like the larger, heavier Buck 110 in appearance, but much lighter and made from less flashy materials.

5. Gerber Remix
The Remix is lightweight, durable, and highly practical. While the 7Cr17MoV stainless steel blade is nothing to scream about next to high-end steels, the blade is non-reflective, corrosion-resistant, and paired to extremely durable G10 scales. Affordable, light, and small – who wouldn’t want one?

6. Gerber Paralite
The thing we love about the Paralite doesn’t even have anything to do with materials. It’s just a handsome knife, available in a number of cool colors like Rose and Gold. Plus, the spear point is an attractive break from the norm. Need a little flash? Stick with a Paralite.

7. Gerber Asada
The Gerber Asada is a pocket-cleaver-style blade with a flipper mechanism and a lot of attitude. Perfect for fans of the pocket-cleaver movement, this small Gerber knife is great for slicing and light chopping, as well as on vessels where a point can be a concern.

8. Gerber Sedulo
The Sedulo almost looks like a Benchmade, especially because of its Pivot lock that is very similar in operation to Benchmade’s AXIS. It also boasts CPM-S30V steel and textured GFN scales – so quality is in sight here too.

For Fixed Fans
Looking for a small Gerber knife with a fixed blade instead? We have you covered.

9. Gerber Tri-Tip Cleaver
The Tri-Tip Cleaver may be small, but it can handle tough chores. Its blade is stout, thick, and tough, and it comes with a multi-mount sheath that allows for both tip down and scout carry.

10. Gerber Vertebrae
The Gerber Vertebrae may be small, but it has an extra-large grip that comfortably fills the hand, is extra grippy, and produces no hot spots. You can exert a lot of leverage over this blade for such a small knife. Think of it as a small Gerber knife that performs like a knife two or even three times its size.

Visit White Mountain Knives
Looking to pick up one of these or some other small Gerber knife? Visit White Mountain Knives at to learn more. If you don’t see one of these listed or are looking for a different model, contact them at – they may be able to source it for you!

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