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10 Kayak Fishing Accessories You Need for This Season

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It’s March, which means you are either itching to get on the water or you’ve already gotten out there with a few ice-out fishing forays.

Whatever the case, spring is a great time to retire some of your older gear and make some replacements with some new kayak fishing accessories.

And these are 10 that kayak anglers should never be without.

A Landing Net
You will be able to lip 99% of bass that come over the gunwale, but if you ever really hook a hog, you will be very happy you brought a landing net. Most breakoffs happen due to boatside head-thrashing; be prepared with a net.

A Pair of Pliers/ A Disgorger
Do not – do not – go fishing without pliers or a disgorger if you give even the slightest hoot about bycatch mortality. You may be a champion at unhooking fish, but sooner or later you’ll land one you won’t be able to unhook without pliers.

A Tape Measure and Mechanical Scale
Because no one is going to believe your fish tale if you can’t substantiate it with real figures. Also, a mechanical scale is more reliable than electronic ones, since they don’t have batteries that can die.

A High-Visibility, Floating Kayak Paddle, A Paddle Tether, and a Paddle Holder
If you drop your paddle in the drink, you need to be able to both see it and get it back. On that, here are a few other useful accessories.

A paddle tether will help you prevent that exact occurrence, and a paddle holder will give you a place to clip your paddle when you are fighting a fish.

A Scotty Fishing Rod Holder
Scotty fishing rod holders are made of durable nylon and can be used to hold not only spinners and casters, but spincasters as well. Scotty rod holders are useful not only because they give you a place to keep your rod when you are paddling, but also make trolling much easier.

A Dry Box
A dry box is a matter of necessity on the water, not only in case of rain but in the event that you roll the kayak. Keep all your valuables in a floating dry box when you are on the water, all the time.

A Folding Kayak Anchor
Folding anchors are light, compact, and perfect for kayak and canoe anglers. They’re especially useful when fishing in the wind or on rivers, streams, or other bodies of water with a current, as they enable you to hold one location easily.

Floating, Polarized Sunglasses
Sunglasses that are polarized and float will save you a lot of annoyance on the water. One, they won’t sink if you drop them in, and two, they’ll substantially cut glare from the water, allowing you to see much more easily under the surface.

Bug Repellent
Not a kayak fishing accessory, admittedly, but useful to have on the water anyway. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Remember that.

Last but not least, you’ll need a PFD, or personal flotation device. That’s a life vest for the rest of you. They’re not exciting but they can save your life and moreover, may be required by law.

Some of them even have pockets and slots for storing your fishing gear, so that’s a plus

These and Countless Other Kayak Fishing Accessories at Great Prices: Live Outdoor Sports
We’ve got less than a month in most areas until trout seasons open and just over a month until the bass start building beds and spawning. Get ready early for spring so you can hit the water prepared.

If you’re looking for kayak accessories like these, visit Live Outdoor Sports via the previous link. They carry a huge rank of tackle, fishing, and boating accessories, and other outdoor gear – and they even offer free shipping in the U.S.

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