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3 Best Name Tags for Work Shirts

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When you manage a team in any industry, it can be difficult to find the perfect name tags to satisfy all names, occupations, and personal styles. It really can be no small feat to find tags to satisfy all of these points, but you also need to be sure that the ones you do purchase will not do any unwanted damage to their clothes!

That is where Imprint Plus comes in. They have the highest quality name tags for work shirts, along with a plethora of other products, such as ID cards, lapel pins, social distance decals, lanyards, and much more. No matter what your business needs in terms of displaying your desired message, they got you covered.

When you are considering the best name tags for work shirts, you should look no further than Imprint Plus and their offerings. But which exactly are the best for both providing an object for professionally displaying individual names while keeping their shirts in pristine condition?

Metal Badges
Their metal badges are some of the best for wearing on professional clothing items. Gone are the days of only wearing tags with pins that place pesky and unbecoming holes in collars and other places.

Their reusable metal badges have the option of coming with a pin or magnetic backing. The magnetic backing, however, is the most ideal for those with thicker shirts, but they’re also the best choice for those who don’t want a hole in their work shirt.

Don’t worry: just because it’s not a pin doesn’t mean it’s less dependable or sturdy! Their magnets are heavy-duty and work efficiently with the metal backing, which allows them to properly and sturdily displaying your tag together.

They also have permanent metal badges. Instead of being able to continually change the insert of the reusable badges, Imprint Plus can print or engrave the content directly on the badge. These also come with magnetic backing for steel plate badges to lessen the damage to your shirt while not degrading the message you wish to convey.

Plastic Badges
Just because it’s plastic doesn’t make it inferior! If you happen to prefer the unique quality of plastic, then they also offer permanent plastic badges to satisfy that preference. These badges are made with the highest quality and care, as all of their badges are.

Whether you choose digital UV printing or laser engraving, these plastic name badges will look stellar and professional. They will perfectly complement any work shirt, regardless of if you are looking for a modern or traditional look.

While these are made of plastic, their backings can also be magnetic! When combined with the stainless steel backing, the magnets can allow for your plastic name tag to stay perfectly in place for as long as you require.

Photo IDs and Membership Badges
Another option for name tags for work shirts could be using photo IDs and membership badges. These are plastic, rectangular identification tags that professionally provide information, such as name and role, and a photo of the particular employee.

These particular tags combine the luxury of a normal plastic tag and a photograph. It provides an added security step, which is another admirable advantage. These also come with the same magnetic backing as the company’s other offerings in order to best protect your work shirt.

Not only that, but this particular badge will make your business and team appear well-organized, reputable, and trustworthy.

Which of the above name tags for work shirts have you chosen to properly represent your team members? If you have any questions about Imprint Plus or their other offerings, be sure to give them a call at 1-855-286-2158. They can’t wait to help you improve your team, business, and mission!

For more information about Social Distancing Signs and Name Badges Please visit: Imprint Plus.

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