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3 Ideas for Personalized Unique Baby Gifts

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In all honesty, it can be pretty tough trying to buy a great gift for a baby or small child. They aren’t exactly able to tell you what they want after all. So if you want to shop for personalized unique baby gifts that are a little more exciting, you might have to think outside the box a bit. It is easy to fall into the habit of buying the more obvious gifts like toys, blankets, stuffed animals, and baby clothes, but more unique gifts will stand out and be appreciated better by both the parents and children over time. Gifts that age well with the child are great because they can stand the test of time even as the baby quickly grows up to be a small child who still holds on to that gift. Just to help you shop for personalized unique baby gifts the next time someone has a child or a birthday party for the baby, here are a few ideas that may prove helpful.

Christmas Ornaments
Even if it is not declared “baby’s first Christmas” ornament, you could still give a baby a Christmas ornament that they will treasure for years. Most things related to the holidays develop a sense of tradition around them so they feel more important as time goes on. A personalized ornament with the child’s name engraved in it makes a great gift that they can enjoy and admire every year when that season rolls around. It might not be something they use often, but it is something they can use for a long time that they truly enjoy seeing every time.

Glass Kaleidoscope
As far as personalized unique baby gifts go, a glass kaleidoscope certainly checks the boxes. It is a refreshingly unexpected idea for a gift that really says you thought about your gift and did not just head straight to the baby products in a store and picked out the first thing you found. It shows that you wanted a gift that would be personal to the baby. It might take some time for the baby to fully enjoy this gift, but it is definitely something that they will grow into and treasure for years. It is the sort of item that quickly distinguishes itself as a keepsake.

Stained Glass Night Light
This is a gift that both the parents and children might appreciate in the baby room. The parents will benefit from having soft, ambient lighting as they make their nightly trips to the baby room and have a gentle light guiding them along instead of harsh overhead lighting. The baby gets to enjoy this as it may help comfort them to sleep at night, even as they get older. Personalized unique baby gifts give the impression that you genuinely care about this family and their little one, so you thought out what would make them happy.

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