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3 Most Effective Business Name Tags for Your Workplace

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When your staff members have name tags, it creates a very different environment for both them and customers. These name tags can provide clarity between staff members on which role their team members play in the business while furthering their sense of community and belonging. Name tags also properly provide your customers with a sense of professionalism and social connection. But which name tags are the most effective in the business world?

When you are looking for the best business name tags for your workplace, then look no further than Imprint Plus. They provide all of their customers and their businesses with all things printing. Their products include items such as name tags, badges, lanyards, ID cards, signs, reward medallions, and much more!

But which types of business name tags are the most effective for your workplace? Let’s look at the three most effective name tags for your business so you can be one step closer to providing your staff with the best options and improving your business.

1. Reusable Metal Badges
This customizable option is excellent for any business. These metal badges are sleek, but also practical. The plate of this badge is made of aluminum steel, providing both a professional look and sturdiness. Each badge is also provided with a laser insert sheet. This insert sheet can be customized by either you or by Imprint Plus for your convenience. There is also a lens cover to best protect the name tag.

An added advantage to this particular badge is that it is also eco-friendly. You can reuse these again and again to protect the environment while also providing your staff with stunning name badges. It’s a win-win-win.

2. Permanent Metal Badges
If you would like to provide your staff with badges that are more individualized, then you should try the permanent metal badges. These are a more viable option for businesses who want similar features as the reusable metal badges but would prefer more personalized options. You could even choose from aluminum or steel for the backing.

3. Permanent Plastic Badges
While metal badges do provide a sturdier element while looking professional, plastic badges provide their own advantages as well. Just because they are made of plastic doesn’t necessarily mean that they exude professionalism. Plus, they tend to be more lightweight, which is ideal for many staff members in varying industries.

Imprint Plus can provide you with low-cost, yet high-quality business name tags and many other products to satisfy your business needs. These name tags also come in a plethora of sizes, colors, shapes, and other customization options. They also offer superior ink adhesion, so you never have to worry about the print disappearing from the name tags. On top of that, their name tags are guaranteed to stay in place because of their effective fasteners. Be sure to give Imprint Plus a call at 855-285-1056 with any questions you may have. They can’t wait to improve your business one name tag at a time!

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